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In this 400 sq meter duplex, contrasts between classic and contemporany, an AKB trademark, were created with an intimist touch on the furniture and lighting. Changes in the apartment plan allowed us to make this customized project even more personal, so that it could be functional and homely. The relaxing and cozy atmosphere of this home manifests itself by the combination of rustic and modern.
The elaborate mix of rustic, Asian, and modern characteristics is the highlight of this house.
Modern elements featuring straight lines and monochromatic colors give the project an impression of sophistication and lightness.
The clean look of the space puts beauty and functionality together, which helps increase sales. Modernity, "mineiridade" (carachteristics from Minas Gerais), and nice recollections blend in this hi-tech kitchen created by AKB.
Every single angle of this space refers to a first-class trip through the seventh art without leaving home. The arrival of pupils from Braidfield High School after its closure heralded a new era in school tie design.
This remodel was a small departure from our traditional work and gave us a great opportunity to showcase our multi-faceted talents, especially our custom woodwork. Thank you for your comment, we just need to check that you're not a robot or spamming and then your comment will be displayed once one of the team has approved it.
Stock Trader makes no guarantee or warranty on the accuracy or completeness of the data provided. Vibrant and smooth color cerate harmony in spaces for everyone to feel invited to enjoy their stay and spend great moments. The project, with a special glass pyramide to capture positive energy, was a result of a harmonious and differentiated composition, which added comfort and practicality to the house.
Art objects and antiques give an exquisite touch of class to the entire project, making it feel harmonious and timeless.
Everything was planned to offer a pleasant office space to those who deal with the dental drill. In this well-lit place some structures have been developed to serve both children and adults and make cleaning and product stock easier.

It is a perfect inspiration for those who love good food and value new technologies, functionality, and a cozy space.
State-of-the-art technology and art pieces are brought together in a dinstinctive and inspiring space, favouring good business.
With this combination, plus sculptures, mirror and woodwork, AKB created a sophisticated and intimist space, an invitation for those who love the big screen.
Innovative technology and the gold leaf on panel are the key features among the cozy effect of the woodwork and earthy tones.
Out was the traditional "Chocolate and Gold" and in was an amalgamation of the BHS and CHS ties. No longer the sole domain of girls, these kitchens are equipped with modern appliances including extractor fans for those who take their eye off the dinner! This is a graphics classroom, where technical drawing and Computer Aided Design takes place. The transformation from a regular Florida look to the clean, contemporary feel that our clients desired was magical. Such was the case during the real estate bubble of this centurya€™s first decade, as those selling mortgages packaged them in ever more complex vehicles, many of which are now known to have been utterly fraudulent.Is gold where real estate was?No, not quite. Nothing contained herein is intended or shall be deemed to be investment advice, implied or otherwise. But the notion that we are approaching the same ballpark seems borne out by one of the more creative scams wea€™ve seen recently.
This letter represents our views and replicates trades that we are making but nothing more than that.
In February of 2010, a California landowner named James Grill was walking his property near Washington in Nevada County, California. We accept no liability for any loss arising from the use of the data contained on this letter.
Using a metal detector, he unearthed a 98-ounce gold nugget in an unmined ancient stream bed adjacent to the south fork of the Yuba River.It wasna€™t the biggest nugget ever discovered a€“ the largest known from California weighed a whopping 54 pounds and was found in 1859 in Butte County a€“ and good-sized ones have turned up in Australia in recent years. Stock trading contains a high level of risk that may result in the loss of part or all invested capital and therefore are suitable for experienced and professional investors and traders only. The Smithsoniana€™s top sample weighs 80 ounces.This find caused quite a stir, leading to a frenzy of speculation as to what would happen to it, and what price it might fetch if sold.

The nugget could be expected to command a premium from a collector who wanted to own the biggest pristine hunk of California gold still in existence.All questions were answered on March 15 of this year, when the Washington nugget was auctioned in Sacramento.
After a short but frantic bidding war among a half dozen anonymous buyers, the piece went for $460,000, well over three times melt value at the time.Now we have to revise that last paragraph. All questions were answered but one: where did the nugget come from?The answer to that one is now up for grabs.
On June 4, a Melbourne prospector named Murray Cox came forward after seeing a photo of the Washington nugget in a mining magazine, and claimed that it is actually the Orange Roughie nugget (for its fish-like shape), an exact match at 98 ounces, which he discovered in Australia and sold in 1989. He provided a Stockton TV station with a 1987 newspaper article from the MelbourneA Sundetailing the find.
In side-by-side photographs of the two nuggets, they appear to be identical.(Of some further suspicion is the fact that after the original a€?discovery,a€? a website appeared seeking investors to help develop a commercial mining operation called the Lost Scotchman Mine, on the 180-acre property. Now he says, a€?I got taken as bad as anyone,a€? although he expressed surprise that no one recognized it while it was on public display for three months prior to the auction.
Hea€™s still willing to pay for scientific testing thata€™ll definitively verify the nugget's origin, butA hopes to avoid the expense and effort by encouraging Grill to come clean.How the buyer will take all this is unknown at the moment. Holabird said he has contacted theA Irvine-based Spectrum Group International, a precious metals broker that represented the anonymous buyer, but he has not yet heard back from the company.
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