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Along with the Iraq War, freedom fries, and Dick Cheney shooting a friend in the face, the George W.
Feinstein has yet to join Udall in calling on Brennan to resign, but suffice it to say he's on thin ice at this point.
Bush administration was known for hyper-aggressive interrogation and detention policies carried out in the name of preventing terrorism. That's a passive-aggressive way of conceding that operatives were trying to keep their skeletons in the closet by monitoring what Congress was up to.

Probably because Bush-era policies like torture (including waterboarding) and extraordinary rendition (extralegally transferring alleged terrorists between countries, often stashing them at secret so-called black sites) look, to normal people at least, like shady behavior. And though we still don't have the report, which remains classified for the time being, it is rumored to find that all those extracurricular activities failed to prevent a single terrorist plot.
There is technically a (slight) possibility of some kind of criminal prosecution as well, given that the report apparently accuses the CIA of misleading Congress and even the Bush White House about the effectiveness of torture. Then again, given that the Obama Justice Department has consistently shied away from going after anyone who did anything illegal before 2009, let's not get our hopes up.

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