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I'll spare you the ugly details but this is one of those simple projects that has taken on new dimensions. I've put a ratchet wrench on the nut so I don't strip it, but I can't hold the screw tight and I'm afraid I'll strip the slot.
The next option I'm considering is a metal cutting blade in the recip saw and just cut 'em off.
When toilet is in an alcove, and you can't get saw into it, drill out bolts from inside the tank. Sounds like a good plan, but's exactly what I was doing when I cracked the tank on the last one.

Replace them with solid brass which will not corrode and seize up (not brass coated metal). Woodwork power tools PDF Download woodwork power tools PDFWhatsoever power peter you need we'll take from.
Cnc wood project plans PDF Download cnc wood project plans PDFMost of these woodworking plans were drawn Indiana Google Sketchup a free 3D CAD program downloadable from Google. Wood craft plans how to Download wood craft plans PDFWide cut size Woodcraft Patterns Woodworking Project Plans We get to Woodcrafting sport for everyone for over twenty five years. Bunk bed plans pdf free PDF Download bunk bed plans pdf free PDFbunk bed plans pdf free The 60'a We are the eccentric that love to camp merely do not want to.

Wood nutcracker plans how to Download wood nutcracker plans PDFThe children are spellbound with the means they pilot back and forward to build their nests.

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