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Part of the cleanup project was to add an additional shelf above my wall-mounted workbench.
The stepping stools came out pretty nice although I did not get them done in time for Christmas.
My paint sprayer has adjustments for the paint and air flow and I should adjust them before painting my pieces. All in all it was a good Christmas season and I loved being able to make something by hand for folks. After all the dust settles it looks like I will be moving on to a gadget station for me and a head board for our room. A couple weeks ago I came across the Wood Whisperers article about simple magazine racks as Christmas presents.
The issue that I am facing is that it has been literally freezing the last fee days – day and night.
I finally got the chance to take my abused table saw apart to see what parts needed to be replaced. After searching the internet high and low I finally found a local company that had the best prices for the parts that I needed to fix my table saw.
The total for all the parts came to around $125 which put the total cost of the saw at $350. This particular post struck me because I was up at 1am last night running my table saw to see if I had put it back together correctly after the accident.
I managed to drown out the sound of the hammer long enough to drift off to sleep, alas I was awakened at 4 am by the sound of a… what’s that?
Sir, I am a general contractor’s daughter and know, make no mistake about it, what a table saw sounds like.
And while I am certain it’s not your fault that I left a shoe in the middle of my own floor, I place the blame squarely on your shoulders, fair neighbor, for the gaping head wound (thank you window sill corner) and concussion I suffered when I went ass over apple carts across my bedroom in an effort to find out just what the hell was going on over there.
Gentle neighbor (I saw your sensitive ponytail), I think we can all sympathize with the panic that ensues when one has completely spaced a school project due first thing the next morning. Over the last few weeks a few Rigid contractors saws had come up on Craigslist and I seemed to miss out on each of them until yesterday. The guy I picked it up from had it in his truck on it’s side with the front of the saw facing down and the motor facing up.
I got out of the parking lot and took my second turn near the freeway and the saw rolled out of the back of the truck and into the road. Once I got home I searched the internet to see if I could find parts for it and luckily I found a couple of different sites to order parts from.
This weekend I got to spend some time in the garage and was able to assemble and prime my daughter’s 2 step stepping stool. Generally MDF would not be the ideal type of wood for this project due to the fact that there is a good chance that the steps are going to get wet. As mentioned previously last night I picked up my Delta Jointer that I found on Craigslist.
While verifying that the jointer worked correctly I noticed out of the corner on my eye that he has a build a very nice outfeed table for his table saw. My wife had gone with me to pick up the jointer and on the way home I told her of all the things that I saw. I had been frequenting the Craigslist postings for a jointer over the last few weeks to try and score one for my shop. While looking at Craigslist yesterday I came across a new post for a previous generation jointer that was a step up from the entry level one. Along with the jointer the guy gave me a diamond blade sharpener and a blade alignment jig which was really cool and unexpected.
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Simple Garden Bench From Garden Gate MagazineN o 30 GARDEN GATE © August Home Publishing Co.
Biff Tannen – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaBiff Howard Tannen is a character in the Back to the Future trilogy, serving as the primary antagonist of the first two films.
PLANTER BOXESFrom Woodsmith magazine All rights reserved page 1of 8 ©2005 August Home Publishing Company One copy for personal use. Finger Joint – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaA finger joint or comb joint is a woodworking joint made by cutting a set of complementary rectangular cuts in two pieces of wood, which are then glued. The INCRA TS-LS Fence system is versatile and well made no matter which end you look at it from! Installation of the INCRA TS-LS Fence System is made a bunch easier because of the well-written and illustrated instruction manual.
The Positioner body has three scales (top) that make many operations dead-on accurate and easy.
The INCRA TS-LS Fence System is actually more rigid when locked down than any T-square-style fence I have ever used. Plus you can remove the fence assembly in seconds for doing large crosscut jobs or other specialty tasks. Unlike virtually all other fence systems, the INCRA TS-LS Fence System has no-lift latches at either end that prevent it from rising under the forces of featherboards. Another nice point about these latches is that they provide the contact points at the rails. If you have ever spent the better part of a day trying to install fence rails at an often bizarre fractional height or using a frustrating (cheap and frequently inaccurate) gauge, you are going to love installing the INCRA TS-LS Fence System. Setting the fence for making cuts is just as easy as with any fence except that the accuracy of the scale makes whipping out your tape measure to double check the fence-to-blade distance wasted effort. The lead screw itself really shines when trying to place a cut very accurately or fine-tuning a groove.
To make using the INCRA TS-LS Fence System even more productive, INCRA includes their 82-minute DVD on using the Positioner system. The INCRA TS-LS Fence System is a remarkable fence system with far-reaching capabilities far beyond even high-buck factory or aftermarket t-square fences.

If you want to increase the versatility and accuracy of your current table saw, and in most cases actually gain more than buying a whole new saw that often comes with an inferior fence system, take along hard look at the INCRA TS-LS Fence System.
In preparation to do projects for the summer I have tasked myself with getting my workshop cleaned up. In the process of doing that I noticed that a couple of the anchors for the existing shelf were starting to come out of the wall. I have had these guys for 3 years now and have never finished them because they were doing pretty good the way they were.
There was a point a few days before Christmas that I was exhausted and tired of rushing to get these things done. For those that did get their magazine racks before Christmas they loved them and I am sure the other folks will like theirs when they get them. I initially made a couple out of Pine to test out but planed the wood to thin so it easily warped. These have yet to be cut, glued, and primed but they are at the bottom of the list as they do not need to be shipped. Basically all of the motor mount pieces need to be replaced since it seemed that the saw landed right on that section as it hit the ground.
I did a quick search on Google to see where I came up and stumbled upon the following Craigstlist post in the Best of Cragslist section. Currently my closest neighbor is accross the street but I am going to have to keep my late night woodwoorking adventures to a minimum once they finish building the house next door.
Nay, when I went to bed last night at 11pm I heard, very clearly, the intermittent hammering coming from your basement, 15 feet and a privacy fence away.
My current saw is no more then 2 years old but it is a beginner’s bench top saw and I have been hitting the limitations of it in the last few projects that I have worked on.
Yesterday I scored a Rigid TS24241 which is a one generation old fixed base contractor’s saw for $225. I wouldn’t normally share a huge screw-up like this but I am so that it can hopefully help others to slow down and do things the right way.
I asked if I could take a look at it since an outfeed table is on the short list of items I am looking to build for my shop. I explained to her that while his tools that he had were cool I was more impressed with the things that he had built to equip his shop.
The jointer is the last big piece of equipment that I needed for my shop (although I wouldn’t mind upgrading a few pieces that I already have). It was workbench model (no stand) that was a generation older then the small Jointer that they currently sell at Lowes. He did mention that the blades needed to be sharpened so It looks like I will need to learn to sharpen and align the blades before I do any cutting.
CUTTING CURVES To cut the curves in the seat supports, first measure and mark the three points as shown in illustration B on one support.
155 Online Extras All rights reserved page 1of 3 ©2004 August Home Publishing One copy for personal use. There are a few on the market but only one that really grabbed my attention - the INCRA TS-LS Fence System. This kit comes with the standard Mount Unit (LS32-TS) that accommodates saws with table widths measuring 28" or smaller (front-to-rear along the miter slot). Also, the hardware pieces are packed in clearly labeled bags containing groups of fasteners for a specific portion of the assembly. That is due to locking mechanisms at each end of the fence itself that make it exceptionally stable. When reinstalled, as long as you didn't intentionally move any of the scales, the fence and all of the accuracy comes right back without having to re-calibrate it. The operator side latch uses a finger-operated knob to lock it down which makes the entire fence face exceptionally rigid.
Other manufacturers have to look at this and reconsider their own, often goofy ways of doing this!
I was able to complete the assembly and installation on a JET ProShop saw in just under an hour, which includes time for taking photos. I have never trusted the printed scales on other table saw fence systems but found myself being totally confident in the INCRA version with in the first few days - without secretly double checking it. You can also add a router in an extension wing and extend the versatility of this fence system even more. Then factor in the far-reaching capabilities of the INCRA TS-LS Fence System and the comparison swings heavily in its favor.
As you can see from the picture to the right and below the workshop section of my garage had become a storage facility during the winter. I need more storage space though and there is plenty of space under them that is not being fully utilized right now. On top of that I built a sled for it so that I could do some repeatable cuts while working on the stepping stools that I did for Christmas presents. Then on the second batch I sand just a few blemish areas with 100 and the stain did not want to take in those areas.
Half way through I started messing with the knobs on the back and was able to get nice even texture-free coats on some test pieces. The biggest limitation is that the table itself is pretty small compared to a contractor’s saw. I knew that it was top heavy so it made sense that you would want to keep the center of gravity as low as possible so having it this way instead of standing up seemed to make sense. The workshop was not in his garage, no, he had a whole separate building for it that was about the size of a large 2 car garage. She mentioned that he must be retired and that is what he spends his time doing which was probably the case.
The main reason that I wanted a jointer was due to the experience that I had while building my brother-in-law’s mobile bar.
While it was only $130 (compared to $220 for the new one at Lowes) I had read that people had not been too happy with this inexpensive jointer.
Wilson in all three films as well as the ride, and Wilson voiced the character in the animated series.

Part of my interest was fostered by previous experience with INCRA products, all of which have been first rate.
It may take an extra 2 to 4 seconds (yes, I timed it) to lock the fence in place but it is extremely rigid with virtually no deflection in the overall assembly or its tough aluminum extrusions. The entire fence assembly can be removed and installed to the left of the blade in just a minute or two if that kind of operation is needed.
Locks at either end of the fence face (right) make this an exceptionally stable fence system.
INCRA also provides clear instructions (right) and all necessary fasteners, grouped in clearly marked bags.
Even aligning the fence with the miter slot is simple because all you do is loosen the fasteners at the Positioner base, set the fence parallel with the miter slot and tighten the screws down. The fine-tuning capabilities of this fence will be very helpful when designing and using your own specialty jigs and fixtures.
Looking back now I am not sure why I did not attach the shelf brackets to studs in the first place. In addition to that one of the benches is pretty unstable and so needs a little rework to be as solid as the other bench. Therefore I took a couple of nights off from it which is why they were not done for Christmas. These 4 are stained but still need the Polyurethane added to them. This past Sunday I picked up 4 more pieces of Red Oak and busted out 4 more in a night. Tomorrow is supposed to be better but I have plans in the evening (Christmas stuff for the kids). Tell me did you already have your victim chloroformed in the corner, or are you still just stalking her? My conclusions are as follows: You’re a hearing-impaired, insomniac, do-it-yourself imbecile with no concept of irony. I pulled my brother-in-law’s truck right up to the back of his truck (tailgate to tailgate) and slid the table over to my truck. There I was standing in the middle of the street with a ~300lbs saw that I could move or get into the truck on my own.
I am hoping that the primer plus the paint that I will put on it will be protection enough for it.
His workshop was comparable in equipment to what I have seen on New Yankee Workshop although because it had so much equipment there wasn’t very much room to move around. He informed me that the outfeed table was a version of the Work Table and Clamp Cart from New Yankee Workshop.
When this until was brand new it went for about $475 while the newer version is going for about $400 at Amazon.
This is supposed to make the surfaces more accurate and therefore your cuts come out better. I also liked that the INCRA TS-LS Fence System incorporates the proven INCRA lead screw technology from their famous LS Positioner series router table systems.
This kind of speed and accuracy was only a dream with other fence systems, even the high dollar ones. The top of the fence has three additional grooves that give you lots of options for designing and attaching your own jig and fixtures quickly and securely.
Of course you can attach a wooden face if you need the fence to actually butt against the table. A repositionable scale wheel next to it makes it easy to know exactly how much change you are dialing in so you can return to the exact previous setting if need be. The INCRA TS-LS Fence System is one of those tools that gets more useful as your experience with it grows. It seems that I really underestimated the weather and the amount of work involved in getting Christmas presents done. Fortunately there was a guy across the street at a gas station that saw what happened and ran over to help me get it back in. What was interesting about this table was that it has a mechanism that allows the table to be lifted up on casters so that it can be moved and then set back down so that it is stationary.
By having a jointer I can still use inexpensive wood but get it cut to where I could avoid the inconsistencies cheap wood can bring. Several folks recommended getting the next step up if you could afford it as it would be a better long term investment and save a lot of frustration. At his house I discovered that he was selling it because he had bought a bigger and better Jet jointer. This is one more advantage this jointer has over the smaller Delta model as it is made of aluminum. However, if that dungeon has my name on it, I may have bigger hurdles in front of me than a few bags under my eyes.
The other thing that I really did not like about my bench top saw was the fence, it was never square. We both strained to get it back in and this time I put it in with the table down with the legs standing straight up. While looking at the $130 unit from Craigslist I could see why people had that issue and decided to wait until a better unit came along. He ran a few boards through the one that he was selling to show that it worked and I handed over the money . They also make establishing a temporary job-specific zero point easy without having to alter the main scale or losing its accuracy. That shelf should be fine for years to come although I might want to think about painting it. Every time I wanted to cut something using the fence I would need to take extra time to make sure it was square and the correct distance from the blade. I collected the various pieces of the saw that broken off or flew out with it and pulled into the gas station to assess the damage.

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