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The deceptively crude-looking knife is actually forged by master blacksmith Kazuyuki Tanaka.
The jaws open up to 6″ wide and accept custom hardwood jaws to provide additional support for odd-shaped pieces. Rather than abrading the material and creating sawdust, the Microplane blade shaves the material, leaving only small shavings behind.  The blade works on wood, plastic, rubber, and other materials you might take a rasp to. The holder comes with a milled-edge, super-hard scraper. Pricing starts at $40 before shipping. The Japan Woodworker and Garrett Wade import this root cutter from Japan and sell it for between $11 and $17.

They look like they could be a reasonable alternative to plastic or metal depth stops and the ever-popular masking tape. If you had a flexible Japanese square from Lee Valley you wouldn’t be giving your imagination such a workout. He folds  high carbon blue steel with sixteen layers of Damascus pattern soft steel to create a knife that is tough yet holds a sharp edge. To finish off the knife, the handle is simply wrapped with nylon cord. Prices for the straight-handled saw rasp start at $20, and prices for the plane style handle saw rasp start at $25.
Also, we hear they’re all the rage with the zombie elite types this year, like Jason and that fisherman guy with the hook.

I recently tried to drill some shallow holes in plywood using a metal depth stop, and the drill flutes kept getting clogged because the depth stop prevented the drill from clearing.
One side of the square is graduated in inches and the other metric; both sides have numbers etched and filled black.

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