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Pay by check (Send your payment to The Woodworkers Club, 11910-L Parklawn Drive, Rockville, MD 20852) OR call us with your credit card.Your registration will not be confirmed until we receive payment. Many of those who have played or even admired the beauty of the guitar have shown interest in someday making an heirloom instrument that can be played today and passed on and continued to be played for generations. You will learn the terminology and the techniques focused on many of the specialized processes to complete your own personalized instrument. Amy BenderAmy is a displaced Chicagoan who has come to woodworking via the opposite end of the tree’s life-cycle, having been in landscaping in various guises for the past seven years.
Stan GreenA virtual institution, Stan has been here since the beginning, but no one but Stan can remember that far back. Mark SfirriMark Sfirri has been a professor in, and coordinator of, the Fine Woodworking Program at Bucks County Community College since 1981. Chris JohnstonePrior to joining the staff at The Woodworkers Club, Chris worked as a contractor and sub-contractor in the building trades in MD, DC and VA. Scott DixonScott has been instrumental to the development of the kits, tool selection, the teaching program for stores and the Teach the Teacher program.
Christopher SchwarzChristopher Schwarz is the editor of Lost Art Press, a publishing company that specializes in producing books and DVDs on hand woodworking.
David FershDavid received a BA in Studio Arts at the University of Rochester and a Masters of Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design.
Mary MayMary, a professional woodcarver located in Charleston, SC, has been carving for over 20 years, and after all these years, still absolutely loves her job. Charles NeilCharles claims that, first off, he is one of us, a woodworker - he’s just been at it a long time. Clif PoodryClif, a master turner, teaches our Beginning & Advanced woodturning classes.
Michael HosalukMichael Hosaluk is recognized internationally as one of the world’s most creative wood “turners”.

Participants will then get hands on during the glue and clamp their projects.  Culminating the first of the sessions, students will then learn the basic operation of the different pieces of machinery involved in the second session of the class. Enjoy state-of-the-art equipment and the camaraderie of other woodworkers in our 5000 square foot DIY Woodworking Facility. An inveterate traveler, Amy has spent time observing, working with, and learning from woodworkers of various global traditions, from American chainsaw artists to African wood carvers who first must fashion their carving chisels and gouges out of silverware with rudimentary hand tools. He holds both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Fine Art, with concentrations in Furniture Design. Over the last thirty years Chris has been involved in a variety of building projects in residential as well as commercial markets, most recently he ran high-end remodeling projects. Never formally trained, he learned to use tools by watching his Dad make household repairs.
He studied with Tom Knatt from Concord, MA and has taken that experience to help build in the expertise as a consultant for U.S. He was an editor at Popular Woodworking magazine for almost 15 years where he worked to rebalance the scales of media coverage of handwork and machine woodworking.
Her work has evolved over the years from being mainly shop-focused and completing carvings that go on custom furniture, fireplaces, sculptures, and antique furniture reproductions to a variety of opportunities to share my work through teaching.
Charles has worked as a profession woodworker for about 30 years or so and has been finishing since he was 13. This box will start as a solid block of wood and using nothing but the bandsaw you will cut out the shape of the drawers and the interior of the drawers. She is in charge of making sure the bills get paid on time, and that there’s goodwill enough to go ‘round. Matt also has an extensive list of commissioned works, exhibitions, and publications to his name.
With a lot of reading and practice, he has become fairly proficient in many areas of woodworking.

His work covers a wide range of objects and materials including functional vessels, furniture and sculptural pieces. He has worked with noted contemporary furniture makers and wood turners including Chris Weiland, Steve Loar, Alphonse Mattia, Andy Buck, David Ellsworth, Betty Scarpino, and Michael Hosaluk to name a few. That reading led to a fine appreciation of the spare designs of James Krenov and the organic work of George Nakashima. With over thirty years playing guitar and many years involved in woodworking, it just made sense to put the two skills together. He has always had a love for wood and finds furniture and construction in general to be fascinating. His work is humorous and elegant, possesses character and gesture and is full of reference to architecture, nature and culture. Before starting the box, we’ll make sure you know how to be safe using the bandsaw, as well as what type of maintenance a bandsaw requires, and practice some resawing.
Over the years, working from his own designs he has built projects ranging from large storage sheds to a small jewelry box. Ever since he was a little kid, he would tie, or later nail “stuff” together….just loved creating.
Hosaluk’s work has been exhibited throughout Canada, in Europe, China, Japan, Australia and the United States. As he got older he really started looking at antiques and very fine furniture and it just captivated him.

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