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If you appreciate the beauty of natural wood paneling but don’t want to spend the time and effort to nail it up, there’s a new option you might want to consider: Timberchic. Timberchic is Maine Heritage Timber’s most recent addition to an expanding product line of reclaimed wood flooring, thicker wall paneling, wainscot, countertops, furniture and other wooden accessories. Since our first interview, Shafer says MHT’s business has increased about 80 percent, with new commercial customers in the hospitality and restaurant industries.
The notion of a peel-and-stick wall treatment actually came from a residential customer looking for a simple way to rehab a space.
The company sends out about 70 to 100 free samples of Timberchic every week, and Shafer admits he’s surprised that the interest is coming about evenly from both men and women. Still, even if the steps for making Timberchic become more streamlined, MHT has no interest in parceling the work out to other companies. As a final production step, Timberchic is triple coated with an environmentally friendly PolyWhey® finish for durability.
Shafer says MHT spent more than year looking for a water-based, low VOC finish solution with a fire rating.
While Timberchic is still in its product infancy, Shafer is encouraged by early interest in it, which is about an even split between residential and commercial customers. Whether it’s Timberchic or any of MHT’s other reclaimed wood products, Shafer is pleased to be part of a business that turns lost and forgotten wood into products of special value. I am searching for information and recommendations regarding nail guns and what type and size pneumatic nail gun, pin nailer, etc., that I should start out with. Chris Marshall: Maybe someone in our readership who’s more web-savvy than me can suggest a nailer comparison chart link for you Glenn.
For both types of guns, here’s one last bit of advice: choose a model that shoots the widest range of nail lengths possible.
I completely agree with Chris’s selection of an 18 gauge brad nailer and a 23 gauge pin nailer. Bosch makes a brad nailer that has a fairly small shape that gets up closer and shoots parallel to a surface if you need to.
While it may seem a bit over the top, there are at least nine parts to label when it comes to a run of the mill mortise and tenon. Master Woodworker Ian Kirby’s list of 10 rules for making perfect mortise and tenon joints. If you own any of Milwaukee’s M12 or M18 REDLITHIUM™ cordless tools, previous iterations of the chargers can take up to 110 minutes to charge the batteries.
Milwaukee is speeding up the recharge time significantly with its new M18 & M12 Rapid Charger. Featuring Milwaukee’s REDLINK™ Intelligence hardware and software, the dual charger monitors the health of the battery packs and protects against overcharging and over-discharge.
Milwaukee’s M18 and M12 Rapid Charger (Model 48-59-1808) sells for $79 and is available now through Milwaukee tool retailers. Chris Marshall: Stanley, welcome to the wild and often frustrating world of compound angles. Your CAD illustration, as perfect as it is, does slightly cheat Stanley Kozak on his bucket design.
Also for ease of construction, try the router bits sold by Eagle and Rockler, they have the exact angles needed in the bit design. Building on its heritage as the innovator of worm drive technology for circular saws, SKILSAW is incorporating this same motor drive system in its all-new SPT70WT-22 portable 10-in. Adding to the saw’s durability while still keeping it lightweight, the Worm Drive Table Saw has an all-metal roll cage and cast-aluminum table top. For other standard features, it comes with a Smart Guard system that provides a physical barrier between the user and the blade, plus an anti-kickback device and integrated riving knife. SKILSAW will also offer a scissors-style folding steel stand (model SPTA70WT-ST) for the saw.

If this is as good as the Skil Worm Drive circular saw I had many years ago it should be a definite winner. Made of softwood, and tinted naturally in a range of earthen hues, the product has a peel-and-stick backing that makes it easy to install.
All of these options are the result of the company’s efforts to retrieve sunken logs from the bottom of Quakish Lake, which is part of the west branch of the Penobscot River system in eastern Maine. For those arenas, he says the company’s other wall treatment products, including Heritage Plank and Shadow Wood, have been extremely popular. The solution was to saw the paneling very thin so it can be applied over any clean wall — even a wall surface with minor imperfections or not perfectly flat. It is manufactured by Vermont Natural Coatings — a Hardwick, Vermont-based finish manufacturer you can read more about by clicking here.
In creating this sustainable product, we are also able to give back to the local environment, by returning a lake to its natural ecosystem. But, I can certainly offer my two cents in terms of which nailers I find most useful in my woodworking.
The nails are strong enough to tack larger parts together, attach face frames, build jigs … you name it.
It shoots, quite literally, stick-pin-thickness nails that all but disappear in the wood as soon as you drive them.
I use the pin nail gun to hold the strips in place after I glue them to the edge of the plywood. It claims to have a dry fire lock out so you can shoot until the clip is empty and a no tool sequential to bump trigger change. Primarily used in solid wood woodworking to join end grain to edge grain, or long grain, it is a time-honored and proven technique. That may be too long to wait for a recharge, especially if you depend on the tools for continuous use in jobsite situations. It will recharge individual batteries in under an hour, offering 40 percent faster charging time than former chargers. It also responds to each battery’s unique charging profile, in order to fully optimize its speed and life.
The bucket would be 11 inches high, 12 inches across the top flats, and 10 inches across the bottom flats. To make matters worse, they’re even more challenging when you’re trying to join multiple pieces of wood together in a closed form like your bucket. An octagon forms eight interior isosceles triangles with vertex angles (the ones closest to the center) that each measure 45 degrees. If the blade is off by even a few tenths of a degree, the error compounds around the octagon and the pieces won’t come together and close properly.
The reason is because glue doesn’t stain but if you have just some sawdust on the outside and sand it down it will at least hold some stain (better than with the glue mixed in).
Plus, the direct-drive saw has a 15-amp Dual Field™ motor that increases cutting speed while enabling the motor to run cooler.
It will have a suggested retail price of $379, and SKILSAW warrants it with a 180-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. Its manufacturer — Maine Heritage Timber — reclaims the wood from sunken logs, mills and dries it, then topcoats Timberchic with an environmentally friendly soy-based finish.
The sinker logs were lost through the efforts of lumber commerce and paper production over the past several hundred years, and much of it is first-growth timber.
And, later this year, MHT plans to begin offering Timberchic in water-based stain options, as well as in the natural wood tones.
However, is there a listing or comparison chart somewhere to help prospective buyers get a basic idea of what projects each nailer is capable of doing? And, it’s very simple advice, because for me it all boils down to just two types of guns: a brad nailer and a pin nailer.

They’re terrific for tacking finer, thinner moldings and glass retainers in situations where seeing evidence of putty is a real concern, or where the wood just won’t support a stouter 18-gauge brad.
I use it instead of clamps when positioning miter trim or just to hold something in place while I make adjustments, etc. Usually, one of the cheap Chinese import staple guns will last a life time of upholstery projects for a woodworker. The answer is no, but the nomenclature helps you to understand the geometry of the joint and how it can vary from use to use. This Rapid Charger has ports for both an M18 and M12 battery, and it will begin to recharge the second battery that’s inserted as soon as the first battery is replenished. Additionally, the Rapid Charger features an 80 percent charge indicator, displayed by a slow flashing green light, so users can be confident that the battery is charged sufficiently for a significant amount of work, even if it’s not fully recharged. Since the sides of these triangles match one another, their base angles have to match, too.
This is because the angle between the surfaces (the dihedral angle) is not the same as the angle between the edges.
After burning out God only knows how many belt-driven table saws someone finally figured this out. Over an extended submersion period, each log develops a unique range of hues and patinas from minerals in the water and the lake bottom.
And, their heads aren’t so large that they’re difficult to conceal with a little putty when the need arises. But, in all honestly, I don’t reach for my pin nailer nearly as often as I do a brad nailer.
You just never know when you’re going to need either long or short fasteners, so why not cover your bases when you first buy the tool?
For lack of a better term, we call this the anatomy of the joint, and some of the names are actually derived from our human anatomy.
Dan Oelke’s comment about the online compound angle calculators is clearly the simplest solution, but yours is by far the most illustrative.
So, the installation process basically involves snapping a level line, crosscutting the wood strips to length when needed and sticking them to the wall. All of the work is done by hand, including application of the 3M tape and packaging, but Shafer anticipates some of the processes will be automated this year. I would put it lower on the “must have” list, but when your budget will allow for it, a pin nailer can be handy to have indeed. You won’t regret it, even if the cost for the gun is higher than for one that shoots a more modest range of nail lengths.
Because it has been around so long, and due to the variety of tools and techniques employed to form these workshop workhorses, there are several variations on this simple theme. The way to really understand the problem and the solution is to actually do the math (geometry and trigonometry).
In the first instance you have an eight-sided straight column, in the second an octagonal cutting board of eight wedges. Most commonly, the mortise piece is usually an upright piece like a stile, while the tenon piece is usually a horizontal piece, such as a stretcher, rail or apron. And second, is your table saw yielding the accuracy you need to make these super-precise cuts?
The complementary angle (and what you’re tipping your saw blade to for the bevel cuts) is, in fact, 22.5 degrees. And look on the bright side: here’s a good excuse to cull the scrap bin by making lots and lots of test cuts.

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