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Twenty-six tour stops give you the chance to see Festool’s latest products in action. We’ve got five easy tips for making safe and accurate cuts with your job site table saw. Wondering how Sandor Nagyszalanczy's Table Saw Dovetail Jig from the August 2010 issue of Woodworker's Journal performs in the shop? Our latest issue features plans for a miter saw station, counter-height bar stool, curved front vanity, and a canoe paddle. Field Editor Chris Marshall covers what you'll find in the October 2011 issue of Woodworker's Journal magazine. This Classic Project Plan, brought back and updated from Woodworker's Journal's archives, makes a perfect complement to any yard. CLICK HERE Free Woodworking Plans Ever wanted to create woodworking projects easily and quickly and looking for free woodworking plans? Woodworkers journal magazine subscriptions Get the best rated woodworking guide with over 16 000 woodworking plans. Free gun cabinet popular woodworking plans Download the best rated woodworking guide with over 16k woodworking plans. Free shopsmith woodworking plans Get the best rated woodworking guide with over 16 000 woodworking plans included. Project Plans here: Chris Marshall of Woodworker's Journal shows everyone at the Craftsman Experience how to make a wooden luminary.
Editor in Chief Rob Johnstone covers what you'll find in the April 2011 issue of Woodworker's Journal magazine.
Woodworker's Journal August 2011 Issue Preview I always wondered how you were supposed to store your pen collection. A couple years ago, I invested in a popular loose-tenon joinery system to see how that would work for me. Everyday we share a mix of new videos, expert answers, tool updates, reader projects, and plans.
Made of rendered-down animal hides, hide glue is the first choice for musical instrument makers, antique conservators and traditional woodworkers. Swiss museums showcase modern and historic woodcarving, as well as traditional architecture. In May 2015, a group of 12 New York based designers and artists led by Rebecca Welz arrived in the city of Antigua, Guatemala, to collaborate with artisans in diverse crafts and create a line of products. This tiny bug is no bigger than a nickel and it’s killing our Ash trees at an astonishing rate. Woodworker’s Journal editor Joanna Werch Takes spent part of her summer learning about new tool launches from Milwaukee Tool, including their new ONE-KEY digital platform.

Record Power introduces it’s new SC3 90mm Geared Scroll Chuck and SC4 100mm Professional Geared Scroll Chuck. Step 1: Select the correct size countersink bit for the screws you plan to use, and adjust the cutting length of the bit to match the screw length. Step 2: Drill the screw pilot holes, and continue drilling until the counterbore collar just touches the wood. Step 3: Choose the plug cutter that matches the counterbore size of your screw holes and install it in a drill press. Step 5: Set the rip fence on your band saw so the blade will cut through the plugs near the bottom of the plug cuts (which, incidentally, is actually the tops of the plugs). Step 6: Pull the plugs off the tape and insert them lightly into the counterbores without glue. Step 8: Now, pull out your sander and start with 80- or 100-grit sandpaper to take the plugs down the rest of the way (see Photo 10). Including projects ranging from toys and gift items to home and shop accessories, they sell for $1.00 apiece. This woodworkers list of woodworking plans features a collection of woodworkers journal PDF plans, blueprints for woodworkers journal and video instructions for woodworkers journal, schematics and CAD drawings.
Boring an accurately-placed hole into a round piece of wood, either a cylinder or a sphere, can be a tricky feat to accomplish. Whether used for baking, food prep tasks or as a mobile serving station, this rolling island project offers versatility for any busy kitchen. With scrap strips giving the appearance of a jigsaw puzzle, this stool is a handy home solution. I just came across a site with over 16, 000 downloadable free woodworking plans at: If you want to start a woodworking project, you need all the necessary information, including schematics, blueprints, materials lists, dimensions etc.
A pivoting trammel jig and a plunge router can make these latticed trivets one after the next in very little time.
As a tool reviewer, I’m always anxious to try a new gizmo on for size, and this tool was getting a lot of buzz.
Despite its many merits, my new whatchamacallit was robbing me of the process of making mortises and tenons. I enjoy laying out my mortises, dialing in my drill press and Forstner bit and chomping out that waste.
There are two ways to do it: smear on some wood putty and hope it blends in well enough with the finish color of the project (it almost never does!) or cap the heads with wood plugs. This gives you a chance to pick the plugs that best match the grain area around each screw hole.
You can use a flush-cutting saw if you own one, but a sharp chisel and mallet work nicely, too.
Round things roll (of course) and adding to that challenge is the complication that cylinders and spheres are hard to clamp securely because, by definition, they don't have many (or any) flat surfaces.

This plan includes instructions for the step stool and an assembly form to keep the parts properly aligned during glue-up and clamping. You can even mix species, bits, spacer widths, and edge treatments to create your own custom designs. The cuts were clean, the setup was pretty easy and those loose tenons dropped right into place. Drilling hole after hole, I see the geometry of the joint begin to take shape as the waste spirals up and out.
Then, I can put my rabbeting or shoulder plane to good use, erasing the blade marks and smoothing those cheeks and shoulders. Call it a little pat on the back, but when the tenon slides smoothly into place and the shoulders seat against the mortised workpiece just so, I’ve got a concrete reminder that I’m pretty darn good at making them.
The big advantage to wood plugs is that you can cut them from a scrap of the same lumber as the project, so their tone and grain blend right in. Set your drill press to medium speed, and feed the plug cutter into the wood with slow, steady pressure (see Photo 4). Start by applying a piece of tape over the plugs and pressing it firmly in place (see Photo 5). In those instances, let pocket screws and butt joints expedite the busywork, if that method makes sense. The tape will keep the plugs from falling out and rolling away when they’re cut free. Use a push stick or piece of scrap to finish this cut so your fingers stay clear of the blade.
Gently tap the plugs home with a mallet until you hear them seat against the screw heads, and wipe away the excess glue (see Photo 8).
Hold the chisel at a fairly low angle and so the blade is parallel to the wood grain of the plug. The smooth-shank variety will invariably slip in your drill chuck sooner or later, especially when you’re drilling counterbores in tough wood. It’s just plain fun to create a perfect rectangular hole with a sharp blade and a mallet.

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