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Attached is a cabinet I made from red oak which was left over from a hotel restoration after Hurricane Ike. I live in the Turks & Caicos Islands where I have to import everything, including  lumber. This a very innovative project ,but i think it might take up quite a bit of space,unless you are blessed with a large living room.Is there any possibility that this projects’ plans can be made available? I’m 16 years old and I made this red oak dresser, dresser-top valet, and mirror with money I got for my 16th birthday.
Chris Marshall: You can always stain cherry, but an oil-based stain could cause it to look blotchy.

I made several of these years ago using Honduras mahogany but can’t get the material anymore. I would probably use a gel stain, which penetrates less deeply and could help to avoid that potential problem.
The one I’m doing now is cherry, but I’d like to get the deep rich color I had in the previous boxes (this is for a family member of one of the previous ones made). But honestly, Jim, cherry darkens beautifully all on its own and keeps a deep reddish to brownish color. If the lighter sapwood is what concerns you, you’ll have to hide that under a dye or stain to blend its color with the darker heartwood.

If you incorporate it thoughtfully into the design, the contrasting colors could look really nice on the completed piece.

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