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Students from Beattie School of the Arts were building bird houses on Friday, March 6 with help from the Kamloops Woodworkers Guild. Consider the latest store closings such as TJV Tools in Mississauga and the downsizing and move of Normand Machinery from Mississauga to Cambridge…. There are those who feel that a loaded with inventory, bricks and mortar store, just cannot keep pace with the highly efficient web based platform of a number of large worldly corporations. When a customer comes in to see Pop to learn all about the tool he has a fascination for, he is very appreciative of all the knowledge and information Pop can share.
During the course of his internet research, the customer finds out that while Pop has made a good tool recommendation, there are others who sell the same tool at a lower price or perhaps the customer finds a different tool with even better features. Pop needs to get that national internet exposure, he needs excellent staff to do jobs that allow him to do his, he needs to get his costs down without sacrificing his ability to service his customers. In Canada over the last few years there have been some major changes….tool stores have closed, downsized and disappeared. KMS Tools went from three stores to nine since 2007 having just opened their latest in Calgary. Yes folks these are all successful bricks and mortar stores with large footprints prospering in today’s economy.
This entry was posted in INDUSTRY INSIDER and tagged Cole Moore, Industry Insider, Retail. By Cole MooreCole Moore is the President of Canadian Woodworker, a family owned company with a history that dates back more than four decades.
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They really don’t give any hints as to what they mean, but I would guess that it is in exterior weathering.
They really don’t give any hints as to what they mean, but I would guess that it is in exterior weathering.

Also, they missed Ipe and I think Meranti, both the dark and the light, were miscategorized.
Daizen Joinery is a timber framing company based in the BC Interior that balances precision technology and superior craftsmanship to deliver the finest quality timber frame construction. See left: Beattie School of the Arts vice-principal Blair Lloyd checks out the bird house Grade 2 student Jasmin Young paints as Kamloops Woodworker’s Guild member looks on. They say look at Best Buy how it can no longer compete and must downsize and specialize in order to stay afloat.
We still have old technologies very high in demand along with new markets like CNC woodworking technology. In days of old, that customer would have checked out a couple of Pop’s closest competitors down the street or even the other side of town and then go back to see Pop to purchase his tool. So now the customer is in a quandary…do I order my new tool from a computer screen….from a faceless voice that may or may not understand my needs? Because Pop does not have the marketing budgets or Canada wide exposure and customer base of “The Big Boys” …he does not have the buying power he needs to bring his costs down.
Summit Tools purchased a second store in Quebec and then stores three and four in Kamloops and Kelowna in the last two years. Our advanced systems are efficient and accurate and, for more detailed projects, our skilled woodworkers add unique details and special timber joinery by hand. Below: Gary Harker, Kamloops Woodworkers Guild member teaches Grade 1 student Cadence Larochelle to build, while finished some of the finished products dry on a shelf. After all, Pop’s competitors are in the same boat as him with the same customer base to sell to so Pop has a good shot at keeping his customer happy and make the sale. So when he discounts to meet other national players selling the exact same tool he has not enough income left to pay his overhead and turn a profit.Pop may be able to limp along and pay himself a small salary for a period of time…but he is destined to fail unless he can figure out a way to change his business footprint. The only way for Pop to make profits large enough to allow him to prosper and still meet the “Street Price” is to have the savvy to work with today’s business tools.
It is not what is being sold or who the competition is; its how the management team and staff of that company act on their vision for the future. House of Tools…a $55 million dollar a year company closed up shop, Pro Tool, TJV, Morley Miller, Mr.

Best Buy is in an industry of technology that is changing so fast that the footprint the business was built on, no longer exists. The internet has completely changed how consumers in general…including woodworkers ….make their purchasing decisions. But today things are different, in today’s tech savvy world that customer now goes home to do more research …to make sure this is indeed the tool for him. When confronted, Pop knows that in today’s economy his customers are budget conscious shoppers.
If he makes the wrong cuts or offers the wrong products for his customer base…it is still a lost cause! Does that management team embrace the social technology of the internet and use it to prosper…do they look for innovative ways to cut their overhead without sacrificing their business footprint….do they look for opportunities that would provide better margins and more loyal customers? But the tool stores who don’t embrace today’s technology, today’s opportunities, and today’s marketing opportunities will be the next stores ….closing their doors!
The market for TV’s and electronics is still there and continues to evolve but computer games, movies, music CD’s and DVD’s are no longer in demand. Today’s customer wants to be sure he is getting the right tool to meet his needs and at the same time purchase it at a reasonable price. Yes folks…there are a number of successful brick and mortar tool stores expanding, growing, and increasing market share because they have these qualities.
So instead of being embarrassed at not competing with others or maybe even losing the sale, Pop agrees to give the customer a deal and keep his business. But companies like Canadian Woodworker grew from two stores to five since 2009 and continues to see large increases in market share….. Lee Valley Tools continues to prosper in this industry and they are still expanding their breadth of tools and their locations.

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