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Core77's Hand-Eye Supply Curiosity Club is head over heels for tonight's presentation from Eric Isaacson of Mississippi Records! In between the food and the familial feuding, we hope you'll find time to show your loved ones you support their creative aims.
Core77 readers may remember the original Clampersand Coretoon by Tony Ruth, showing the typographical tool in sketchy form.

And now, with much hard work and horn-tooting, we're pleased to present the fully-fledged and functional Clampersand. Our new designs meet the needs we've heard from frustrated bartenders, woodworkers, hairdressers, chefs, nannies, cheese technicians and more. The full-length apron boasts long cross-back ties for flexible fit and multiple tying options, two big waist pockets and a small swinging pocket so you don't lose your widgets when you bend over.

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