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With a cup of coffee in hand, I am greeted each morning from the front door with this view of my studio and the rather cheery 60 foot commute.
Before boxes were unpacked we dug in immediately, transforming the space with R-28 insulation, some carefully re-routed electrical - adding 220v power for the table saw and heater, new drywall with a fresh coat of "studio white" paint and a wet-sink for brush clean-up. In the center of the space is a customized 2-vice workbench built by friend Jonathan Kinsey with a storage drawer unit that can slide from side to side as I requested knee-space while sitting and drawing. The shop-vac can quickly plug into the orbital sander or support the dust collection of the miter saw with a vacuum tube attached to the factory mounted nozzle at the rear. Shown here is "Box #6" in Marblewood, East Indian and Bolivian Rosewoods, Iroko, Jatoba and Cocobolo. Erica’s has a wide selection of quilt books, fabrics, and patterns, including books from Nancy Halvorsen and Art to Heart.

Large Easter Cross Woodcraft Pattern Remind everyone of the true meaning of Easter with this colorful display in your yard. The lay-out consists of the sink, wall cabinets and main power tools in the rear and three layout tables and a workbench in the center and in front of the glass doors. The main power tools are all tied together on the back walls to a 4" dust collector in the corner.
All hand cut with ornate carved irises on each side with a portrait of a Tiger's Head centered at bottom of cabinet. Journey into the evolving world of woodworking sculptors in wood artist woodworkers and artist furniture makers. Carpentry and furniture project have oceanic abyss New England roots a tradition of transforming Mainegrown timberland into functional artwork.

Astatine MECA you’ll Outdoor article of furniture Art of Woodworking Pierre Home Douglas on woodworking furniture art.
As the only locus in Maine consecrated to the twelvemonth unit of ammunition exposition of studio furniture and woodwind instrument art the Messler drift provides much requisite exposure for.

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