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All seven issues of Fine Woodworking from the 2013 publishing year packed into one space-saving digital volume!
The next best thing to a private lesson!This profile of master craftsman Sam Maloof takes you into his workshop and home. Just a taste of what Maloof is all about but an excellent video to open your mind and break the rules of woodworking. I have a router that I have never used and I thought that this might help my learning curve.
Whatever your skill level, this DVD will offer new insight into the centerpiece of your workshop—the table saw.
In this DVD, you'll learn to safely and confidently operate the most important tool in your workshop: the table saw. Filled with detailed instructions, this informative DVD demonstrates the steps required to tune your plane to achieve the maximum results from this versatile tool. As long as videos of this caliber are available, I see no reason to go to an expensive woodworking school.

Whether you're a woodworking beginner or someone with advanced skills, the three-DVD series "The Way to Woodwork" will help you step up to the next level. Everything is covered, from fundamental everyday cuts like ripping and crosscutting to more advanced techniques like joinery. You'll gain knowledge and skills for specific joinery and construction techniques with both hand and machine cutting, and put them into practice with specific projects included on the DVDs. Since it's easily searchable, you'll be able to quickly pull up the article right when you have the inspiration (or the time). You'll learn why correct setup and good stock preparation are essential to accurate work, and you'll see how to cut common frame and carcase joints using a handheld or table-mounted router. Now I can try some of the Router Joinery functions with a better understanding of what I'm doing. Most importantly, though, you'll get comprehensive woodworking instruction that applies to any piece of furniture you might want to build. Plus, it takes up almost no space on your workshop shelf, and there's no hunting for misplaced issues or thumbing through pages. Learn how to rout rabbets, dadoes and grooves, half-laps, mortise-and-tenon joints, loose-tenon joints, half-blind and through dovetails, and sliding dovetails.

Whether you're an expert or rookie, this DVD will teach you how to get the most out of this incredibly versatile machine. From designing to completing a project, you'll be able to follow the "Critical Path" of woodworking, thanks to the clear and competent instruction of Ian Kirby and Lili Jackson.DVD set contains all 3 volumes. And to make this DVD even more useful, our experts will take what they've just taught you and put those techniques to work building a classic Arts and Crafts Nightstand made entirely on the table saw. This project lets you apply advanced techniques such as building a raised panel door and a drawer with beautiful exposed joinery. For individual volume content, see "More Info" tab.The Way to Woodwork Series features instructional by Ian Kirby and LiLi JacksonIan Kirby has over 50 years of experience as a master woodworker, educator and trained designer. His blended skills as an educator and a master woodworker combine to make this DVD a remarkable achievement.LiLi Jackson is a woodworker who has studied at many of the top woodworking schools in the country.

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