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Believed to have originated with William Morris, father of the English Arts and Crafts movement, the so-called Morris chair combines comfort with simply stated good looks.
Ita€™s easy to show you how great this mission-style sofa looks, but youa€™ll have to build one yourself to find out how incredibly comfortable it is. Simple, yet stunningly elegant Add to the Arts-and-Crafts Collection set with this stately bookcase.
You wona€™t have to look far to find the perfect spot in your home for this multi-purpose table.
Therea€™s certainly no shortage of CD storage units on the market today, but youa€™ll search long and hard before youa€™ll find one thata€™s as good-looking as this.
The mission-style shelf clock (7" tall) is gracefully proportioned and easy to build.
Whether you need a double, queen, or king, this bed fills the bill, and does so in grand style. As part of our Mission-style bedroom suite, or just by itself, the design of this handsome piece of furniture appears as fresh and vigorous today as it did a century ago. Made to complement our heirloom-quality Arts and Crafts bed, this solid-oak nightstand features matching corbels and arched rails in addition to ample drawer and open storage.

Give your comforters, blankets, and pillows a stylishly handsome home with this heirloom-quality Arts and Crafts storage project.
Give your CD sound system, TV, and VCR a fitting home with this three-piece cabinet combination. This super-simple shelving unit works well in mission, traditional, and even contemporary settings.
Either as a stand-alone project or as a complement to our table and chairs, youa€™ll find the buffet a worthy addition to your homea€™s decor.
And by just shortening a few of the parts, you can use these plans to build a matching chair.
We embellished ours with cutouts in the side panels, reproduction hardware, and glass-framed doors to capture the quality and ambience of furniture from this era of craftsmen. We've made these three even more appealing by designing them to go together with minimum fuss and maximum workshop enjoyment. Classic Mission styling and solid oak construction give our tower a warm, inviting look, and plastic panel inserts featuring a touch-release system allow for easy access to your favorite CDs. By simply changing the dimensions of a few parts and the quantity of spindles, as specified in the Materials List, you can build the bed in several sizes.

This mirror is a perfect companion to our Arts and Crafts-style dresser or as a stand-alone accessory. Straight-forward assembly makes it a snap to build, and biscuit joinery makes for solid construction. Made from oak and accented with reproduction brass hardware, our buffet boasts ample storage. For bunk beds, simply invert one bed on top of the other, and reposition its plywood mattress support. Its timeless beauty is matched only by the pride youa€™ll feel when youa€™re finished building it.

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