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Woodworking machinery, woodworking machinery products, Woodworking machinery, woodworking machinery suppliers and manufacturers directory. Ching feng – woodworking machinery manufacturer and, Ching feng is the leading manufacturer of woodworking machinery in taiwan, with more than thirty years of experience an expertise. Industrial machinery, Machinery equipment – industrial machinery equipment directory of manufacturers exporters of woodworking machine, textile machinery, milling machines, embroidery. And stay the heck out of the way when you're opening it back up to install on the band saw! Whether it’s a tight curve or a closed opening, you can cut it on your band saw with a couple of easy tricks. STEP 2: Make several relief cuts in each of the curved openings almost up to your pattern lines, keeping your cuts straight (Photo 2). Step 3: Start working the curves, cutting between your relief cuts to remove one piece at a time as in Photo 3. STEP 6: Make the last cut on the back in a single pass, as in Photo 7, and then finally the small leaf detail. STEP 7: By following the above steps you can work your band saw blade through even the tightest openings, but what if there aren’t any openings?
STEP 8: Now that you have access to the inside of the workpiece, cut out the opening by first angling the blade into the inner line, then straight into the corner. My second method and one I use quite often is to go through my scrap pile and toss the likely looking chunks of wood to the side.
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I have a vivid picture in my mind today of it sawing a 4 foot diameter log (Fir) like it was warm butter. The narrower the blade, the tighter the spots you can cut; in fact, some band saw blades rival a scroll saw for cutting tight curves. Each time a piece comes free, it opens up your pattern a bit more, allowing more room for the blade to maneuver.
With the earlier waste pieces removed, it’s easy to cut several relief cuts to allow the blade to finish the curve.
With the pattern complete, clean up saw marks with a combination of disc sander, spindle sander and hand sanding for a smooth edge all around. Cut the right angle at the end to remove the first piece of waste, then repeat the process in the other direction (Photo 9).
The idea here is that you want to remove as little stock as possible to keep those cuts less noticeable.
Please upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site. When I have an appropriate sized pile I'll sort through again and pull out what I like.With this method I let the shape of the block of wood lead in the design, rather than determining the design first. I recommend playing around with scraps until you're comfortable with the process and with your saw.
There is no name on it except on the knob that is beginning to disinegrate and that says Chicago.

The key here is to realize that blade can easily bind in tight curves, and backing it out of a curved cut is difficult at best.
You need the opening square and smooth, but you want it out of a single piece of wood with continuous grain. This way I often end up making band saw boxes with random woods that I might not have considered putting together.Once I've chosen the wood I'll glue it up into a slightly oversize block. You could head to your favorite woodworking supplier for a smaller blade (or even to purchase a scroll saw), but in most cases you can still make the cuts by using the old trick of first making relief cuts that allow your blade to go places you never thought it could.
With that in mind, start by removing waste material outside your curved cuts, as in Photo 1, to shorten the distance your blade has to travel. Periodically shut the band saw off and wait for the blade to come to a full stop, then remove these pieces before restarting the machine. Well, you could drill holes in the corners and then use a scroll saw or jigsaw to cut the opening, but that takes a long time and the results aren’t always pretty. This is especially important when backing it out of a cut, which we’ll do a lot here.
I’m only cutting the side of the pattern with the tightly curved cuts — the other side is a gentle curve we can easily cut later, so leave that portion intact for now to facilitate handling. Start by outlining the opening on your workpiece, then slice with the grain right through the center, straight as you can, as in Photo 8.

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