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Your heirlooms are important, and I will do everything I can to make them beautiful again.
This old rocking chair had a number of issues including a fiberboard seat over the original space for cane, an aged, poorly applied finish, and a cracked back. This beautiful old oak buffet and curio cabinet were covered in old varnish that had been damaged by sunlight and time. This chair was missing a hip brace on one side, the cane seat was very damaged, and most of the finish was worn away.
These chairs were splitting down the sides, had missing feet and broken arms, and their finish was in bad shape. This table had a lot of problems including a split middle shelf and a top that had been nailed on.
This chair was passed through the owner's family and exhibited years of wear and poor repair work. In addition to being refinished, this table was converted to a drop leaf design and shortened to better fit the owner's home. These two chairs were partially stripped, but all the worst of it was still there for me - a lot of paint.
These chairs were water damaged, the joints were shot, and the wraps were a thick, ugly plastic material.
This chair had been dipped to strip the old finish and it severely damaged the wood (possibly because of the incorrect rinse afterwards). This was another chair that had been dipped and was in the worst condition I've ever seen as a result.
This chair looks like it received a visit from a nasty belt sander some years ago as one side was pretty chewed up. A hand caned seat completed this restoration as well as construction of the missing hip braces. This set was in poor condition, but the owner wanted to renew their appearance to tie in more with her other furnishings.
This plant stand would not stand as much of the dovetailed joints at the column base were damaged or missing. This Heywood Wakefield bed was in pretty good condition except for a crack in one end of the footboard. This unique coffee table had a lot of damage, but it came out beautifully after a lot of work.
This telephone table had a split top, loose joints, and the typical poor repairs from the past. This dining room table and sideboard were restored after years of neglect and layers of bad varnish, wax, and oil.

This old farm table had a deteriorating finish that was peeling, heat damaged, and not protecting the surface at all. Pre-woven (also called pressed cane or machine-woven) cane is much more common in contemporary chairs and therefore faster and more economical to replace. Hand weaving cane is becoming a lost art, and there are few of us who really apply the traditions to the craft. Some shops offer to convert hand caned seats to the machine caned variety to save money, but I highly advise against that as it greatly decreases the value of the chair.
In addition to the traditional patterns, I also weave more complicated patterns such as herringbone, spider weave, etc. To obtain an estimate for your chair, send me a picture (if possible) with the seat measurements. It may be a piece of furniture to someone else, but sentimental attachment is often more valuable than most people understand. These are in no particular order, although more recent items will often appear first towards the beginning of this section. After all the layers of paint were removed (including over the rattan back), it was finished properly.
I also removed the scrap wood supporting the seat in favor of a spring system - much more comfortable. A new brace was hand made of walnut to match the original, the seat hand caned, and the chair refinished to highlight the beautiful veneer accents.
They were completely restored and I upholstered them with the fabric the customer selected. The wobbly leg joints were remade, the broken back repaired, and then it was refinished and reupholstered. After a lot of surfacing and treatment, they took a new finish beautifully and received authentic rattan wraps around all joints. There was a pencil shoved into the side of the support mechanism that had finish applied right over it - so it had been there for awhile! Unfortunately, it had been stripped by someone else with an oribital sander and left deep swirls everywhere. Exterior refinishing got the outside looking good, and interior surfacing got it smelling good.
Rather than hiding all the beautiful maple under that ugly brown finish, I chose to highlight the wood and let it shine. It was old, dirty, and someone had replaced the original top with a cut piece from another cabinet. While I tried to retain as much of the original material as possible, some new finish was applied and areas re-stenciled.

It arrived dirty and worn out with various pieces missing, veneers damaged, and absent hardware.
The customer provided the fabric for the chair upholstery, and I removed the old varnish in favor of a fresh finish. With the proper finish applied, this rustic farm table will provide years of beauty and practical use.
It had a rough start as it was poorly built, and after years of being moved around it just fell apart. Hand woven cane is priced per hole depending on the size and method (traditional, blind, complicated weaves). Generally it is a term applied to areas where holes are drilled around the perimeter and a series of rattan layers are woven through them. After several years of weaving, I've found that I have become very particular about how a weave is done. It was double caned - a layer both in front and behind the chair back and arms and a double layer across the seat.
One of them had damage that could be repaired while the other was completely rewoven by hand - all 240 holes around the permiter! I wove a porch weave binder cane seat to replace the plywood that had been nailed in place previously.
It left looking like it should with everything corrected: new cane, new arm piece, repaired veneers, and a beautiful finish. The sewing machine cap had so much paint and varnish on it that it was impossible to see what was under there until all was removed.
I decided to keep the top that was there, but remold the edges and build it up with a secondary layer underneath. However, binder cane (wide) weaves are also hand-woven, but with different patterns and wrapped around a frame.
I was able to locate some of the matching hardware, but had to fume some brass pieces and create a false pearl inlays for the rest.
Feel free to email photos as well as this greatly assists me in determining what you have and what the costs and time will be.

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