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The Butterfly Joint was founded by Danny Montoya, a local teacher who, during his 15 years in the classroom, became known for his hands-on style—from teaching his entire class of kindergartners to ride bikes sans training wheels to arming them with screw drivers, hammers and nails.
Montoya studied early childhood education and spent more than a decade teaching kindergarten and first grade, and he believes young kids are often capable of far more than we give them credit for. He emphasizes teaching kids the proper and safe way to use tools from the start, and fostering a love of making that will hopefully stay with them for life. The Butterfly Joint officially opened its doors in mid June with a Father’s Day class, where 15 pairs of dads and kids worked together to create a modern sunglass-and-key holder for their homes.
The spacious studio is located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, and has been designed to look and feel like a mini factory for kids.
Everything from work gloves to sanding blocks to protective glasses have been sized specifically for little makers, but otherwise, the kids are using real tools, from hand saws to planes to hand drills.
Centrally located in the Mission District, the shop is hard to miss thanks to a colorful custom mural by two local artists, Sam Flores and Ronnie Buders. Yeraldin video - Telenovela star and former miss venezuela monica spear killed telenovela star and former miss venezuela monica spear killed telenovela star and former missMac innocence beware lipstick guaranteed low price hdh9p 566.
January 17, 2011 by tom 1 Comment Here’s another great example of the Cabinet makers Toolchest sent in by Lucas Stein from Los Angles, California.

This one is more of an interpretation of my original design but you can clearly see where the influence came from. Wanted to express my appreciation for your recent advise as well as your commitment to the art of woodworking.
Members of 1% for the Planet contribute 1% of annual sales directly to nonprofit environmental organizations.
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To any size mattress this woodworking plans pedestal desk Political platform and woodwork plans. But since budget cuts and shifting priorities all but eliminated school-based programs, there have been fewer and fewer places where kids can learn basic hands-on skills, not to mention the problem solving, dexterity and patience that are central to the craft. So when he decided to start his own thing, he wanted to focus on teaching kids the types of skills he deemed most important. Currently The Butterfly Joint is holding summer camps during the week through August (there are still a few open spaces), and offering a handful of drop-in classes on weekends and select weekdays.
When students arrive, they clock in on a vintage punch clock with their own time cards, put on their custom, kid-sized aprons and know it’s time to start work when they hear the authentic steam whistle. Instead of power tools and nails and screws, the focus is on traditional joinery techniques, so kids master dowels, dovetails, chisels and glue (and yep, eventually butterfly joints, of course). The location also features a retail space that offers tools, aprons, books and, coming soon, take-home projects. I really like how Lucas took the design and made it his own- an open chest with two interior areas for tool storage.
The 1% for the Planet network brings together like-minded leaders who share a belief that business can be a vital catayst for positive environmental change.

The metalic accent on the fabric was accented by the silver metalic thread used for the quilting motifs.
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On the third Sunday of each month, The Butterfly Joint offers a 1.5-hour parent-and-child workshop.
There is a fully functioning wood shop in the rear of the space replete with all the power tools and mega saws imaginable, but it is blocked off by a custom sliding glass door, so kids can safely observe. He mirrored the front dovetails on the back eliminating the rear tray area and do doubt creating more space inside.
To be the first to hear about new classes as they are released, sign up for their newsletter, which in addition to updates, often includes helpful tips on encouraging creative kids.
I find it exciting to see interpretations of the Made by Hand designs and welcome you to share them here. Designing and assembling the items requires three-dimensional thinking, which is especially important in our screen-filled world. Starting in September, once summer camps are over, classes will be offered six days a week.

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