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Occasionally our server hiccups & emails don't get through to us - we always reply - please send your message again if we don't respond within 48 hours . These lovely black and white images have been printed weekly from his intricate wood engravings for the past twenty years!
You will have a pizza lunch on a previously made oven and so learn the process of lighting and cooking once your own oven is ready to use. The two pizza ovens at the Cycle cafe are completely covered up during the winter to protect them from frost and rain.
Working on a pole lathe is very relaxing and perfect to de-stress it also requires a reasonable level of fitness.
Simon has recently (and consistently) won awards for his work in the much acclaimed 'Craft and Design' publication.
Originally Longbows were believed to be around 6ft in length with an estimated draw weight of 90–110 pounds-force maximum. However, since the excavation of the Mary Rose,  (the famous warship of King Henry VIII in service from 1511 until she sunk in 1545).

It was essential that the english army had sufficient young, up and coming archers in the making, and it was a skill requiring huge strength, precision and training .
The Yew trees of England were mostly cut down for longbow production and laws were changed to allow the kings men access to all lands for the extraction of Yew.
At some stage we hope to run a YEW English longbow course - please let us know asap to join the list of those interested. The Shed of the Year competition is back for 2016 and looking to find out just what goes on behind the closed doors of Great Britain’s sheds. Once a dilapidated hen house, the Inshriach Distillery has now become a farm shop, which sells carved items, eggs and produce, a saloon bar, which is a Wild West themed gin joint, and a velour upholstered piano bar. Cuprinol’s range of professional products are designed to preserve and transform landscape wood. Simon has been carving in stone for some 20 years and teaching his craft to  students of all abilities throughout the UK and abroad for the last ten. It was believed that a professioal mediaeval archer could shoot an arrow around 350- 400 yardsand an everage archer approx 200 yds.

From the whacky to the tasteful, the tiny to gigantic, the traditional to modern, and everything in between, the search is on to find the very best sheds from around the country. Then enter yours and be in with a chance to appear on Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces series.
Made out of mostly recycled items including parts of an old dismantled railway station, the Inshriach Distillery has a unique charm and is home to regular parties. I was tight for space so rather than put a shed on an allotment, I put an allotment on my shed! I use the shed as my work space, the first half is for painting and art, the second half is a music practise room and studio.

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