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Half-laps aren’t particularly difficult to make, but can be a bit challenging to get them to fit perfectly.
It seems that at one time or another, all woodworkers try their hands at making an end-grain cutting board.
Last month, Jeremy Greiner sent me a copy of a program he developed called Cutting Board Designer.
Hi guys, Jeremy is considering a Mac version if there is enough interest…as there seems to be. Steve to solve the alignment issue you had, I clamped a pair of cauls along the ends of the boards, similar to the ones you added across the top and bottom to keep them flat. I made a dozen boards two Christmas’s ago, and learned a lot from the first couple I did.
Mount a wood holder on your kitchen wall, and let everyone view your unique cutting board… Impressive! From a practical point, it is actually a good desk solution for any small space, especially since most of us don’t require a large desktop PC and monitor anymore.
I wanted my writing desk to be light colored to reflect the light, delicate look of its clean structure. Apart from the usual, really enjoying your videos, I can also say that I have found furniture like this to be really intimmidating to built, which is why I have not done so yet. I agree with you on both parts, I enjoy the videos and have been intimidated by furniture like this.
I understand about the Gripper and will probably never get one, unless I get a better table saw. I guess if you never buy any tools that have ever been advertised then you do your woodworking with your fingernails. I noticed the closed captioning here and, this is just me, but it distracts me from watching the video.
Please keep up the great work Steve, you’re inspiring me to rebuild my shop and get back to woodworking after a long struggle with cancer.
For those of you who do not like the fact that Steve has sold out and is hawking the wares and services of these companies….
If you don’t have a planer or jointer, just buy finished boards, or boards with 3 sides finished, and you can finish off that last side with a table saw. To kick off Makers Care and raise money for The Make-A-Wish Foundation, we are asking you to make an airplane.
I couldn’t decide whether I wanted my plane to be a single-wing plane or a biplane so I made both!
After downloading the cutting template, cut out the pieces and paste them to your lumber using spray adhesive. If you are going to make the biplane, drill the holes for the struts before you split the board in half. I glued these into the holes on the wings and made sure the holes for the axle rod lined up. I went shopping with my wife a while back (yes you read that right, I shop with my wife, it’s what a good husband does) she pointed out a scarf tree.
I used the largest drum sander first, then switched to the smallest to get into the tighter curves.
I drilled a small hole in the top and epoxied the top of a clothes hanger in the scarf tree.

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Soon after I began researching wind chime design, I came across An Engineering Approach to Wind Chime Design, by Lee Hite. A while back I made several wind chimes after watching your video using Lee Hite’s info.
Palomar community college district college catalog, To search palomar college course outlines of record (cors) or programs, select the appropriate link below, enter your search criteria, and click on the icon to. Rwj medical group, Robert wood johnson medical group, one of the largest multispecialty groups in new jersey, is composed of approximately 500 physicians with expertise in more than 200. So I decided to design a frame that didn’t require miter cuts or any rabbeted insert for glass, but still look stylish.
You need to make the notches exactly half the depth of the wood and exactly as wide as the joining piece.
Have you thought about using a cove bit in the router to make a recessed handle to make it easier to lug that around the kitchen? It evokes images of Lewis Carroll hand writing his books, journals and letters while sitting at a desk with nothing more than a pen and paper.
I also thought it would be interesting to combine to woods not normally used together: inexpensive pine boards and maple plywood. Tapering the table legs on all 4 sides was a good way to demo the Gripper’s capabilities. Then I watched this on YouTube directly and there were no closed captions (I’m on my iPad).
It gives me a chance to see how they are used and then I can decide if I have a need for them. They are basically the same design: for the biplane you just need to add the upper wing and the connecting struts.
There will be four: the fuselage, the wing (this will be resawed into two pieces for the biplane), the tail wing, and the propeller. That way you will only have to make four holes instead of eight, and they will line up perfectly when you attach them with dowels. I had to sand the wings because I don’t have any roundover bits small enough to work on the thin wood.
In order to avoid any tearout, I set my drill press to drill only far enough through where the point in the center of the forstner bit would just come through the bottom. I did this to give a smooth edge so the scarves would not catch as they were put in and out of the holes.
It was one of the projects for which I was considering using the bamboo that eventually became my shishi-odoshi.

I have encountered many that are too high-pitched, atonal, or just produce a clacking racket. Yours didn’t sound too bad, actually, but I will not be making a set anytime soon but I enjoyed watching you make them. I sandwiched a photo between the other piece of plastic and held it all in place with four small binder clips. As you may know, I love to cook and have been getting by for years with one of those thick plastic ones. If you decide to make one, you definitely want to check out The Wood Whisperer’s video. It lets you lay out some complex patterns and get a good indication what your board will look like before you cut any wood. I wan’t sure if this would work out, so I left myself open to possibly staining the pine to provide a greater contrast. And I really need one of those – either a tapering jig or a sponsor, I have not decided yet. The very first video of his I saw was about 4 years ago, and it was for the Kreg Jig…. You don’t want the sander to pull it out of your hands and spins around on the sander. For those that do not know music terms, an arpeggio is the first, third, fifth and last note of a scale. You can make your own for a fraction of the price, often for next to nothing using scrap wood. And if, after a lot of use, it starts to look really ragged and scratched, you can renew it just by resanding the surface. This week was the first time I had a chance to use my MicroDial Tapering Jig from MicroJig.
If so do you know of any good tutorial on using sketchup and how then to convert them to the templates?
You could use dado blades to speed up the cutting process, but I just used a regular blade in my table saw. I just found that I was drawn to read the words and found myself missing what you were doing.
One scarf would not hurt the thinner spots much, but if you put 11-12 scarves on this, it will get heavier than you might think.
Since I need 5 and not just 4, an additional F tube will be added.I also plan to create a second one that is an octave higher so the sound will be even richer. He takes a day of his live (probably longer with editing and now with multilingual captioning) and then consider the quality of the videos…. Again, just posting to inform others who may happen to be of a like mind that there’s a way to avoid it.
The way I see it, it could be worse, he could be putting adverts all over the screen and constantly be talking about the advertisers. I will find someone who is selling theirs (Which speaks of itself there that there isnt a large market of used grrr rippers for sale) or find someplace that is going out of business.

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