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Each of WOOD's step-by-step plans has been tested in our very own shop to prove the accuracy of all instructions, illustrations, and dimensions. Each issue, we design a Basic-Built project that can be completed with a few tools and beginner skills. Jewelry box plans, wooden toys, beautiful clocks, and more -- find the perfect gifts for friends and family. Our top furniture plans include designs for the kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and office in a range of popular styles.
To use this jig you will need a tablesaw, stackable dado set, and a calipers with dial or digital readout.
For reasons of design and proportion, you typically make the individual "fingers" in box joints as wide as the thickness of the workpieces. To prevent damage to the Jig and to prevent tear-out on the workpiece the face of the front and rear fences are fitted with pieces of wood that can be replaced. The Set-up Jig is then placed between the guides of the Router Jig and the wood that is to fit into the intended cut-out in the workpiece is placed beside it and the right hand guide knobs tightened. By routing in a clockwise direction up the left guide and back down the right will give an exact fit.
Whether you own a pocket-hole jig or are considering buying one, these shop-won insights will help you get more from your jig.
When making projects with right angles, such as cabinets or face frames, square cuts ensure square assemblies. After cutting but before drilling, lay out project parts in the orientation you want, and then mark the back faces, as shown top right. Drill pocket holes so screws thread into edge or face grain for maximum purchase; avoid screwing into end grain, as shown below right. When you've established the correct blank size, rip all the blanks you need, plus a few spares, to that size.
BIT TOO LOW The bit is not removing material from the blank; the blank can't fit into the outfeed hole. BIT TOO HIGH The bit is removing too much material; the dowel is smaller than the outfeed hole. PERFECT SETUP The bit is removing just the right amount of material, so the dowel is the same diameter as the outfeed hole.
To keep a long, slender dowel from whipping, feed its finished end into a steady rest block clamped to the back of the router table top. Fat dowels, simple round tapers, and even modestly ornamented spindles can Ik- produced with a router and this primitive lathe. Then Chan made a new plywood baseplate for his router, one wide enough to span the width of the box.
To fix the router over the axis of the blank, he attached guide strips to the plywood baseplate. Before you cut the actual box joints, keep in mind that the width of your box sides must be an increment of the finger width.
Before you cut the front and back, cut one notch into a scrap piece, just as you cut the first notch into the side piece earlier.

When doing this you should take into consideration not only the strength of your chosen method, but also how it will look on the finished product.
Cutting dovetails by hand allows more choice and creativity, however, they also take time and practice (as well as patience).
Be sure to also draw other layout marks, such as where a middle rail lines up with the stiles. The steady rest is no more than a block with a hole the diameter of the dowel drilled through it. Spinning the dowel blank with the drill as the bit cuts it produces the best finish on the dowel. And keep testing and adjusting until you're satisfied that it is as good as you can make it. It provides maximum chuck capacity, and its speed is limited—according to the spec plate on it—to 800 rpm. Turn the workpiece by hand in this jig while using your router to shape it round and smooth. We've found a dial calipers essential because box joints must be cut with exacting accuracy. For thicker or thinner stock you adjust the size of the jig's pin and the width and height of the dado cut accordingly. If the fingers are too wide, say .255" in our example, tap the end of the jig closest to the blade with a hammer as shown above. Otherwise, you'll wind up with less-than-pleasing partial fingers at the bottom of your box. Position this notch over the pin as shown at left, and butt the top edge of the front piece against the scrap before making a cut.
Machined dovetails are fast and good for production work, especially if you have a nice dovetail jig (I love my Leigh jig. By placing the router bit in the jig and adjusting the sliding piece, the width of the jig is reduced by the width of the bit. Then drill pocket holes into the marked faces to prevent accidentally drilling into the best face. All these woods run through the dowel-making fixture without a hitch, so long as the blank is straight-grained.
Don't be overly concerned with the test dow finish at this point, since a hand-fed dowel tends to be rough. Quickly trigger the drill to spin the blank, and simultaneously push the blank into the hole.
For each box you make, you cut the sides consecutively, and the front and back consecutively.
Make the remaining cuts in the front piece by removing the scrap, placing the notch over the pin, and proceeding as described earlier. Can't help throwing in a pitch for it here).Leigh D4R Dovetail JigThe best multi-faceted joinery system on the market! Rather, focus on how it fits the outfeed holc.The tighter the dowel's fit in the outfeed hole, the better the finish you'll get.

He mounted a blank for his dowel inside the box by driving lengths of threaded rod through the holes and into the ends of the blank.
Any minor error in the width or spacing of the individual "fingers," even .001", multiplies itself with every finger you cut. With the pin aligned, temporarily clamp the jig to the miter gauge, then affix the gauge to the jig with screws. Produce "no-slop" through, half blind and sliding dovetails with a classic hand cut look.Leigh D4R Dovetail JigWhatever method you choose you can make one of three types of dovetail for joining box corners.
Pocket screws are another form of fast woodworking joinery, often used on face frames in cabinetry. I came to the conclusion that you can't really design a dowel-turning jig that will accooJ modate every job. For all of the following cuts, hold the top edge of the workpiece toward the jig pin for the first cut.
The final style, sliding dovetails are used to join a board perpendicular to another - shelves, for instance.
Now, put hand pressure on the jig to hold its miter-gauge bar firmly against the right side of the tablesaw channel. If you want to use mitered corners on a box with sides that slant, for instance, you would use compound miters. During this and the following steps, apply pressure to the miter gauge to hold its bar firmly against the right side of the slot. Adding a decorative spline, for instance, can change a simple miter into an elegant joint.Dowels can be added to a butt joint for strength and contrast.
I In other words, keep the jig, but figure on doing a little J cutting or drilling to adapt it to the job at hand. Place the just-cut notch over the jib pin and repeat to cut fingers along the full width of the workpiece.
I encourage you to play around with different woodworking joinery to see what works and when.
Woodworking Tools and Installation TipsThere are a lot of things that either needs to be repaired, or put together when youre a homeowner. Sliding dovetails are a nice option for internal dividers although they can also be used on corners if you don't mind an overlapping edge.
If youre a new homeowner, and have just gotten out of apartment style living, you might want to take this list with you to the hardware store. From remolding jobs to putting together furniture you can use these 5 power tools to get your stuff together.

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