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The stand will be painted, but I want to wait until spring, when the weather warms up enough to spray it outdoors. Sign up for convenient email updates to stay on top of the latest projects and build articles. Woodworking Lathe Tools, Turning Tooling For Wood Lathes, Woodturning Supplies This shop requires JavaScript to run correctly.
Engineering grade very high quality lathe revolving live centres in a range of different morse tapers.
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For butt joints and joints where there is the possibility that the parts are not a tight fit, I use polyurethane construction adhesive. What this assembly does is quickly and easily create joints that would have to be carefully cut out of thicker material, thereby decreasing the amount of machining required and also decreasing the risk of error. The lathe is not in my shop yet, since it is still too cold to use out there and I haven't found a good location for it. I hope that some of the design and building methods are useful to some readers and that it inspires you to build your own. This is better at bridging gaps and is actually stronger than regular wood glue for butt joints.

If we consider that laminated wood is almost always stronger and more resilient than solid wood, and that the long grain glue joint is stronger than the surrounding wood, there is no compromise with using this method. On the contrary, joints can be a tighter fit and more thoroughly glued this way, so this actually increases the strength over traditional joinery.

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