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Logan Mat-Cutting Systems These three mat-cutting systems make it easy to get professional results. Designed for small shops, the Simplex Mat Cutter is a full-featured system for making repetitive cuts to a capacity of 40". For use on all three systems, the optional straight mat cutter has a spring-loaded handle to keep the blade away from the mat until you are ready to cut.
The Mat-Cutting Kit includes the Team System, five additional blades (for a total of ten), ten 8" x 10" matboards in assorted colors, one sheet of decorative rub-on transfers, and a 64-page instruction booklet (also available separately).

Dimensions for this Amish piece of furniture are: 18"W x 17"D x 38"H Arm chair is 25"WAmish Select between leather or fabric seats. With the same bevel-cutting head and mat knife as the Team System, it has a capacity for bevel cuts and straight cuts. The cutting head has a retractable blade for accurate 45° cuts, a start and stop mark to control overcuts, and adjustable blade depth. The blade can be set in three positions for cutting matboard or foamboard, and for storage.

The bevel-cutting head (larger and heavier than the model that comes with the other systems) is adjustable for blade depth, and has a pivoting blade for retraction and an anti-crawl button to prevent the blade from creeping.

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