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Referring to the tree's large and showy blooms, botanists call magnolia the most splendid tree in America's forest. In far more ancient times, the magnolia and its blooms actually played a major role in the evolution of hardwood trees. Today, southern magnolia and cucumber, its cousin, represent a significant slice of the southeastern hardwood lumber industry. You'll find cucumber (Magnolia acuminata) in mixed hardwood stands from southern New York to Florida, and west through Illinois to Iowa and Texas, Southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) prefers the warmer areas of the range.

Similar in weight to cherry, the wood of both magnolias is light yellowish-brown and plain-featured. Magnolia has hard, fine-textured, straight-grained wood that some people might mistake for maple.
Because magnolia resists splitting and glues exceptionally well, you'll have no trouble joining it. Because magnolia remains stable after seasoning, it was once the standard wood for venetian-blind slats.

Where it's sold, magnolia usually costs the same as yellow poplar, about $1.25 per board foot. Heartwood pale to light brown, sometimes with a greenish cast, displaying occasional mineral spots.

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