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Use 2? screws and glue to fasten your seat back apron to both the back seat board and the back legs, as shown above.
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Make or buy appropriate cushions for outdoor sectional sofa, choosing a color that matches the style of you property.
Top Tip: If you want to enhance the look of the project and to protect the outdoor chair from decay, we recommend you to cover the components with paint or stain.
If you are using a Kreg Jig™, first fasten the green board to the blue board, then fasten the purple boards to the green boards. If you are using the Kreg Jig™, you would already have built the entire seat and now just need to fasten the seat to the aprons and supports. If you are using the Kreg Jig™, hide your pocket holes on the undersides of the green and blue boards above.

If you are using the Kreg Jig™, you can simply fasten from the insides of the back apron to hide your pocket holes. If you do add cushions, you may wish to add an additional 1?4 scrap as shown above to keep your back cushions from falling in. If you want to learn more about building a sectional sofa for your backyard patio, this article is exactly what you need.
Therefore, fill the pilot holes with wood putty and smooth the surface with 120-grit sandpaper. If you want to see more outdoor plans, we recommend you to check out the rest of our step by step projects. If you are using the Kreg Jig™, It is a good idea to assemble you entire seat as done in step 3, and also you should first drill pocket holes in the side and front aprons before assembling in step 1. It’s also not a bad idea to add a 2? screw from the top of the seat and also a 2? screw into the side apron from the front of the leg.

Follow the step by step instructions and diagrams, before starting the actual construction of the backyard wooden sofa. Drill pocket holes before inserting the galvanized screws, to prevent the wood from splitting.
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