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Years ago, I ran a craigslist ad for hardwood kindling scraps and found a guy who has been taking away offcuts since 2004 or so. For rips that are narrower than our standard S4S blanks, we bundle them neatly, take pics, and run a craigslist ad every few months.
Being a Navy Vet the Deck is always Broom Clean, it extended to have we leave a jobsite every time.
I visited a shop in Elgin SC some years ago and saw chips piled up, around an in Equipment some 24" + deep. In the interest of full disclosure, the shop photos posted above are of my last 'big' shop. The curved thing is a curved stair, about a quarter turn as I recall - on its back, with the underside showing - the easiest way to store such a beast. The shop photos don't do a good job of illustrating my manifesto - especially the rippings on the floor.
We later built a trough cart for the rippings so we never had to touch them, and eventually had everything in its place, though it did take daily policing for a while.
I am now thinking about the vacuum bag and platen on a pulley system to store up against the ceiling when not in use. Ive read and heard old milwork shops would make and keep extra things like sash parts, but it just ends up taking up valuable space. Everyone makes mistakes and the parts always get placed somewhere for future use on the next job. During the LIGNA show in Germany in 2012 while touring window and door shops with Greg Godbout from Rangate a fellow that runs a woodworking school showed us Blickpunkt Werkstatt Tischler Schreiner.
With scrap items put a value on the space it takes up, it changes the way you look at storing things you might use. We have a guy who comes in Monday and Thursday nights and cleans the shop, which is about 3000 sq.
Rose Wood Joinery in 1978 and have been building our own original designs to order ever since. Our timber framed workshop and showroom is located in Wolftown VA and is open by appointment. During a trip to Germany, Steve Shanesy snapped some pictures of a utilitarian, but also clever, rolling tool cart used in one of the woodworking shops he visited. The staff agreed that the idea was a good one, but we decided to put a Popular Woodworking spin on it.
While we didn’t start out worrying about price, the finished bill is worth talking about. David Thiel has been part of the Popular Woodworking family for 20 years, and now oversees the woodworking video creation. I checked out the Lee Valley web site and found metal drawers but they do not fit the work box. I’ve also had to resize the base for the 3 left-hand drawers, so maybe the PDF is just a guide and not meant to be followed religiously? Another question — I read this quickly, but I think the red drawers on the right are a purchased item. Exactly the sort of thing I (probably we all) need – simple and useful (ie utilitarian). 1) Is there any specific reason you don’t appear to have used a couple of ‘braking'(?) casters to stop it rolling off on an uneven surface? 2) How have you stopped the tools falling out of the wings as you flip them over (either to open OR closed)? Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years.
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Our model 114102 Hoffman and Hammer premium German woodworking workbench was selected by Fine Woodworking as "Best Value in a Ready-Made Workbench," December 2007. Scott Landis in his Taunton Book, The Workbench Book, said that this was the very best American Designed bench on the market.

Designer: Peter Shapiro is recognized by many as the most prolific workbench manufacturer in America. This is wow… This design has been featured in many magazines and plans have been requested for the past few years. In days gone by, to become a journeyman woodworker, an apprentice had to pass one final test. This is an extensive page including links to all the tools, organizers, accessories & books you could ever want for your woodworking shop.
Cut large stock accurately and save hundreds compared to other systems when you build your own pro-quality saw with our plan and hardware kit. Specialized German hand tools are made with the discerning craftsmen in mind, and they are one of the main reasons that the country of Germany has become renowned for its precision engineering. There are several reasons why German quality tools could be the answer for your shop, and these reasons will depend on what kind of projects you complete. German woodworking tools are produced from only the highest quality steel, titanium, and tungsten. Good woodworkers, mechanics, and craftsmen know that working harder is not always as good as working smarter. However, if you like this article, you can use the HTML code below to directly link to this article.
After decades of seeing brooms and shovels all over the shop, sometimes 4 in one area and none in another, we put hangers around the building and presto, people now know where they go.
If shelves are overflowing, build more shelves, and put the things you need in easy reach and the odd or rare things up high or very low. He now supplies me with sturdy bags, like the woven 50# seed bags, and comes once a week to haul off 6-8 bags or whatever we have sitting around.
I bought a strapping cart and when the trough is full, we dump it onto the forklift, snug the bundle up with ratchet clamps, and band it 5-6 times. We built two for a job and the first one had to sit (we had the space) while the second one went up. Quite a change from the big shop, but believe me, everything has a place and is in it, or it is obvious.
Sort of like the Dr Frankenstein's lift thru the roof, without all the electricity crackling.
My employees are always wanting to squirrel away some extra material for the next job, but over time the material inevitably degrades - First of all, there is usually a reason why it is left over.
At the end of a job it is satisfying to cut up the junk that got picked over and let someone burn it.
We used a router to make the dados and a store-bought guide that clamps across the plywood to guide the router. It had doors and drawers on the lower section, plus wings that opened on top to reveal three tool wells that kept things orderly and prevented items from falling onto the floor. We divided and detailed the lower drawer space some more and added a tool till inside the center well with magnetic tool holders. Even though we ended up painting the exterior, the paint still applied better to the veneer tape than on a bare plywood edge. The photos will show you a couple of storage tricks and items available for sale to help keep things neat and tidy.
Joints are as perfect as most of us usually just wish for; solid beech stock is straight, clear and beautifully finished. Besides being a unique storage area for your tools, this project will represent your craftsmanship for future generations.
This tool chest is assembled from quarter-sawn white oak (you can use other material) with finger joints. If you have shied away from mortise-and-tenon joinery because it sounds too complicated, take heart. If you are looking for the absolute best in materials and workmanship, hand tools made in Germany should be at the top of your list. If you have a classic German car such as a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz you may require specialty tools for certain tasks, and these tools are typically only available directly from Germany.

Although they may cost a little bit more, tools such as German gouges, chisel, and paring tools usually come with higher quality edges, hand forged and mirror polished blades, and higher hardness scores than tools made in other countries.
Because they are sharper than other hand tools, a German hand tool for carving wood can reduce the amount of effort you need to exert, and can also make you more efficient. We leave them in a designated spot outside and they either disappear or I have several people who are on a call list to come pick it up. Even if it is prime material (read worth something), it gets bumped and dented, it changes moisture content, it gets darker or lighter due to oxidation, and you can't reliably edge glue it without doing a fresh edge. Mentally the best move I made was to gain closure by cutting that mistake up and burning it in our woodstove. You could easily build this cart with a circular saw, a drill and a router, making it a great project for beginners or even a professional cabinetmaker in a production shop. The necessary hardware (there’s a lot more than you might think imagine) comes in at less than $150 if you build it exactly as we have.
The Tool Cabinet design has been featured in many magazines and plans have been requested for the past few years. If his master approved of his work, the apprenticeship ended, and the chest became a sales tool to show off the journeymans talent. Although German made hand tools may be harder to find that domestic or multinational tool brands their quality makes these hand tools well worth the extra effort and, in some cases at least, added cost. The same can be said about German tools designed for specific tasks on German machinery – there is just no substitute for a tool that is designed to perform the task you have in mind.
We had a forklift here, so it was easy to stage lumber on the floor and move stacks of doors from carts to the floor. Even if an appropriate job comes up while it is still useable, it often gets overlooked because it is hidden away and more scraps get added to it. So for $275, you’re still getting a lot of storage for the price and the space is arranged to be exactly what you need, unlike a store-bought toolbox. Check the spaces to ensure they are square, then add the bottom shelf to the back, holding the back flush to the bottom side of the shelf.Clamp your center assembly between the two sides, drill the appropriate holes, add glue and assemble the rest of the case.
The vises are supported with steel guide rods which assure you of years of trouble free use.
Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles and creates the casework that holds some of the finest art and relics of the world.
The front of each drawer has a small detail, which today, as then, is made with a scratch tool. When you combine all of these factors it is not hard to see why so many professionals and do it yourselfers choose German hand tools. I had about 12 heavy tubular steel carts that could each hold about 3,000 lbs, and these made everything portable and easily moved from machine to bench to wherever.
A full-length tool well with clean-out ramps runs along the rear of the work surface, and there's a center-mounted drawer as well. In 1990 he received a Fellowship grant from the New Jersey Council for the Arts and today is a leading designer and furniture maker on the East Coast. The drawers are staggered in size from the top to the bottom and when finished they are lined with green felt. There is a locking front door to the chest that stores under the bottom drawer when not in use. The exposed edge will act as a door stop once hinges are installed.The wings go together like simple versions of the case. When you complete this project you will own an exact reproduction of a tool chest that set the standard for excellence for many craftsmen at the turn of the century.

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