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Psi woodworking phjig3 pocket hole jig review, The psi (penn state industries) woodworking phjig3 pocket hole jig is a very comparable and likely more durable pocket hole jig than models made from plastic.. Pocket hole jigs and pocket hole accessories – peachttree, Pocket hole jig and pocket hole accessories, pocket hole screws, pocket hole plans, face clamps and more. Pen making, bowl turning, wood lathes, wood blanks, and, The world leader in woodturning tools and supplies, pen kits, pen making supplies, wood lathes and much more! Buy wood lathes from busy bee tools, Busy bee tools is your source for wood lathes & woodturning centres. Or, stated another way, ?What to do with the molding, scraps, and 3 1x8 old growth pine boards left over from paneling our Reading Room? This thread will document the quest to build a set of Colonial Shutters for the window that matches the paneling in our Reading Room. Always be yourself because the people that matter don't mind, and the ones who mind, don't matter. Out in the shop by 7am, first order of business was roughing out the adjustment rods, using the same setup as the louvers, just without the angle cuts.
Noticed yesterday that the Stile Drilling Jig was off slightly, due to the X-Y table on the vise not being aligned properly with the bit.

Your reading room is fantastic looking Marvin, thank you for keeping us informed on your shutter project. This week saw the arrival of a few parts required for the project, just in time for the weekend. Flipped the Stile Drilling Jig around & added another jig to drill the holes in the louvers for the Brass Screw Eyes. We?ve wanted Colonial type shutters for our home for several years, but, their considerable expense was prohibitive.
By the end of the quest, we?ll see if the will survives to continue on through the rest of the house. Looked at using the Woodline Shutter Set, but they?re Out of Stock for 2-3 weeks, and I have 2 weeks of vacation. The scrap pile is now down next to nothing, with the bin looking closer to toothpicks & sawdust. Drill press is a 1953 Craftsman 15? with an Atlas W68 Universal Vise ? almost sold the Vise a year or so ago ? guys on OWWM made me aware of what I had ? glad I held onto it. At this point, I don?t have a stapler, or air compressor, and though I know I should use this opportunity to add tools to the crib, I?m thinking of going a different route.

Plus, installation and setup of the mortise attachment on the drill press, and Tenoning Jig on the table saw for production of the rails and stiles.
Also, since we?re using old growth pine with knots, and relatively thin stock, I?m nervous of hitting a knot on the adjustment rods, blowing out, and ruining the project. Hate to say it, but, I didn?t jump up excited to get hit with the shock of the cold to warm up the shop this morning. Came up with using the drill bit to align the jig, lower the drill press all the way & run the face of the jig across it, but it too flimsy and would bend.
So, I remember I had an alignment pin from replaced it with the mortise attachment alignment pin, and it worked like a champ.

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