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In the above Video I share my recent visit to the amazing workshop of Bill Anderson, owner of Edwards Mountain Woodworks in Chatham county, North Carolina (near Chapel Hill).
Bill teaches joinery and plane making at Roy Underhill’s Woodwright’s School in nearby Pittsboro, NC. Bill makes marvelous historical furniture and owns more molding planes than I’ve ever seen in one location. Molding planes have become my passion, so a visit to his shop was better than a trip to Disneyland. Bill and I spent several days filming video for our upcoming DVD about how to make a 18th century wooden jointer plane. By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. When you need pipe clamps, they’re great, and they need to be handy – but when you need them only occasionally, they can really get in the way!
While I was taking the photos of the rack, I decided to include this last photo that shows loosely-fitted blocks I made from some scraps. Thanks for the nice comments – and special thanks to those concerned about my continued health. Nice job Dave and thank you very much for making my similar pipe clamp rack look like crap! Imagine my surprise the other day when I get a message from Andy Chidwick asking if he could stop by on the first leg of The Sawdust Tour 2013?
Andy and his family are traveling around the country right now and along the way they’ll be stopping by to visit with woodworkers near and not so near to some of the venues The Woodworking Show is stopping at. Unfortunately the show’s not coming to the West Michigan area but luckily for me the Chidwicks had friends in the area they planned to visit with for the holiday, so this afforded us a great opportunity to get together.
It was a short and sweet visit, but now I wish I had gotten home sooner from my long weekend away so they could’ve hung a little longer. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. This is a router table extension wing for my Delta 36-725 Tables saw, which having used it for several months, I can safely say I am extremely happy with.

I had a choice of putting it on either the right of left side, and I chose the right side because I wanted a little extra usable surface area in my shop, and I hate plopping down things on the cast iron. I also put a small bit of extra support pine under the top aside from the skirt, so help reduce the chance of sag over time since the top is pretty big. This was a pretty simple project that ended up dragging on for a lot longer than I originally intended, mostly just due to my own lack of focus to spend a single full day cutting the pieces and putting them together.
Of all of the jigs in the woodshop, the push block or push stick is usually one of the first that is built. One failure of most push blocks IMO is that the heel seems to get chewed up quicker than the base so I’ve incorporated a replacable heel. Lastly, round over all the outer edges(except for the bottom) to make it more comfortable to use.
There is, however, one situation that this block is not well suited for and that is for ripping very thin stock. Now only if I took the time to sit down and learn sketch-up I could try to come up with my own. Those two screws should hold the heel in place and they are high enough to not interfere with the fence. He reminisced about the perplexed faces of customs officers when they inspected his suitcases. Without a moment’s hesitation he replied, “of course not.” I instantly felt better about all the old tools that I’ve purchased, but haven’t yet used. We loaded my truck up with so many gorgeous hand tools for the molding plane class that he invited me to stay for the next day. If you’re interested in reaching Bill for custom historical furniture, you can call or email him here. I always think all woodworkers tools and things in our shops are works of art…at least in my eyes. If the heel is touching the table, then the pushblock is not doing all it was intended to do.
I cut a lot of thin stuff of varying widthes so the heal is going to get chewed up very quickly.
Now you’ve gone and done it, I have to run down to the shop and build a bunch of these!

I felt a great temptation to just keep on driving back to Virginia…but fortunately for Bill, I resisted that urge. After several days you can also finish it off with thinned shellac (I didn’t do this on my saw till though).
I also used the Kreg plate levelers, though in retrospect I could have easily done without them and gotten a very nice level surface.
To get the width of this kerf perfect the first time, you can fit it to the heel using your favorite KerfMaker. Mine are the single slot variety standards & brackets and have shown no sign of deflection from the wall or brackets although I may just change to the double for added safety. Other parameters are to make minimal cuts and processing since these are not that critical.
You can go the extra mile of making a template for smoothing it up with a router and a flush cut bit. Of course there are other better ways for ripping thin stock which I’ll be covering in a future episode. I like the “scrap” blocks you added to keep the clamps from tipping during use as well! To achieve the slightly loose fit, when gauging the heel, add a shim of paper as a fudge factor.
You think you have it as good as it can get and so you publish it, and THAT’s when you come up with a change. The plastic ones(besides having to be purchased) seem to not grip the wood as they need to in making a safe cut.
I bumped a clamp against a project once and caused a problem, I think these would have saved me.

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