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The scroll saw got shoved into the corner when I finally scraped together enough money for a 14 inch band saw about 1995.
Im Not quite understanding this site but if anyone wants to give away a good used scroll saw Let me know. If you get ahold of sears they have a code and can get any paper work on their tools like this. I had no trouble with my sears store if you do let em know you can take your business elseware.

You might even be able to get it down loaded to you on line — not sure on that but know they can. He proceeds to tell me that he just returned from his storage unit where he keeps his boat and other household items. They’re usually a good source of information and someone may be able to help you there. I took the cast iron table off and went after it with some 80-grit sandpaper on a wood block, finishing up with 120-grit.

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