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Clean, accurate mortises with the flip of a switcr — a hollow-chisel mortiser will do the job. Now, the chairs we originally photographed with the table didn't have arms, but everyone around here liked the idea of adding them.
In addition to the chair project, this issue also includes plans for the bookcases shown on the cover and a kitchen project — a set of containers. Speaking of the table saw, we just wrapped up our latest book, Table Saw: Tough Cuts Made Easy. Building a set of solid, great-looking chairs doesn't have to be an overwhelming challenge.
We took one basic case design, combined it with different details and came up with three great projects.
If you have an original shop tip, we would like to hear from you and consider publishing your tip in one or more of our publications.
Woodsmith Tips and Techniques 2200 Grand Avenue Des Moines, IA 50312 Please include your name, address, and daytime phone number in case we have any questions. Now you can have the best, time-saving secrets, solutions, and techniques sent directly to your computer. EXECUTIVE ART DIRECTOR Todd Lambrith SENIOR ILLUSTRATORS David Kreyling, Dirk Ver Steeg, Harlan V. After covering the top side of the holes with tape, insert the original bit into the holes until the centerpoint punctures the tape.
After gluing up each drawer, just drill a couple of holes on both sides of the joint line, as shown in Figure 1. Recently, though, I discovered that the hooked end of a paint can opener is perfect for scooping out the waste.
To find out how you could win a Porter-Cable variable speed router, check out the information on the left.

An inexpensive plastic container halfway with water works great waterstones before each use. In it, you'll find even more tips, techniques, and accessories to get more out of this important tool. Well, it seems more and more stations across the country are adding it to their 2008 lineups. There you'll see step-by-step videos, technique and project animation, bonus cutting diagrams, and a lot more. Here are three handsome boxes that will give your shop skills a workout and then add some pizzazz to your kitchen. This allows me to accurately position and rout four sizes of dadoes and grooves by simply rotating the router. Then align the centerpoint of the larger bit with the holes in the tape, and re-drill the holes. While this joint is quick and easy to cut, I was worried that the glue wouldn't be enough to keep the drawer fronts secure to the sides.
If your tip or technique is selected as the featured reader's tip, you'll win a Porter-Cable variable speed router just like the one shown here.
But I get annoyed when the hooks pull forward and slip out of the pegboard whenever I grab a tool.
It keeps the hook from falling out and is easy enough to remove if I need to move a hook somewhere else. I would pick away at it with chisels and bang the workpiece against the workbench to shake the shavings loose. Just give it a shake, and the brads stick to the magnetic ring around the top of the holder.
Japanese craftsmen, like carpenters, swordmakers, and woodworkers, have relied on natural waterstones for centuries to get a sharp edge.

As much as natural waterstones are valued by traditionalists, man-made stones have the advantage of being more consistent in grit and structure. The most common brands of man-made stones come from manufacturers like King, Norton, and Shapton (shown in the main photo). Our other new book, Weekend Woodworking, is dedicated to techniques you can master in less than a weekend.
I looked for a way to hold the sandpaper firmly, and a large spring trap was the perfect solution.
His setup provides a solid foundation for an extra worksurface that's easy to assemble and take apart when no longer needed.
Some of the best natural stones have been mined in the mountains outside of Kyoto for more than 800 years. That's because the softer water-stone breaks down faster, exposing fresh abrasive with nearly every stroke. This mixture is then formed into bricks that are fired at high temperatures to fuse everything together into a solid block. That one little strategy from A Course In Wood Turning that I implemented not only worked, but the results were completely astonishing. Fortunately, the newer, man-made stones are readily available and are less expensive than natural stones.

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