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While it’s great to have a workshop full of power tools to help with some of your woodworking projects, there’s a certain satisfaction achieved when doing woodworking using hand tools that just isn’t felt in the same way as when you’re using power tools. Proponents of using only power tools will likely not understand the reasoning behind those woodwrights who prefer hand tools. For others, they speak of a “connection” when they use hand tools, something that can’t really be described, and must instead be felt. A basic set of woodworking hand tools should consist of a quality chisel set, a hand-held crosscut saw and a good jack plane. Fillister plane – This type of plane has a guide with which you can cut a shoulder on the edge of a piece of wood.
Ripsaw – While a crosscut saw allows you to cut different lengths of wood, having a ripsaw lets you cut different widths as well. Mortising Chisels – To help create mortise and tenon joints, they have a thicker shank and a bevel. When you have acquired some of these woodworking hand tools, in addition to the basic foundation of chisels, a plane and a saw, the number and variety of projects you can create may surprise you. I encourage you to browse my website, read my tips and suggestions, learn from my experience, and leave a comment if you have a question. Computer Desk Plans 1 CommentIf you’re considering building a computer desk, then you’ve come to the RIGHT place. I needed a place that would provide ready access to my cordless drills, circular saw (love that thing for breaking down sheet goods in a hurry), batteries, etc.
I only took one pic of the assembly process, showing where I drilled the back part of the drill slots with a Forstner bit and then cut out the slots at the table saw.

The station is attached to the wall via a French cleat at the top, so I can move it to a new spot as shop reorganization necessitates.
I’m no fan of cordless tools (hate having batteries run out in the middle of a project) but that is a great way to store them if you have them!
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Scott JonesAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowThe most important tool in any shop doesn't have a motor, a battery or a cutting edge, and it has remained largely unchanged for centuries. Illustration by Thomas KlenckAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowThe bench legs and rails are made from 2 x 4s, while the heavier 2 x 6 stretchers add rigidity to the frame. Illustration by Thomas KlenckA doweling jig is the best tool for aligning the threaded-rod holes across the top strips.
This article will explore some of the tools you can use and the projects you can create for those times you choose woodworking with hand tools. For some, it’s part of the whole “Green Living” experience, since of course, using hand tools is much friendlier to the environment. Regardless of your reason for wanting to try woodworking with hand tools, there are a few basic tools you’ll need in order to get started.
A traditional woodworking bench, at its most elaborate, was a virtual showpiece, bristling with vises, bench dogs and holddown clamps. If you don't have a power miter saw or radial-arm saw, guide your circular saw with a rafter-angle square such as a Speed Square when crosscutting the stock to finished size. If there's any misalignment after assembly, simply trim the high points with a block plane.What do you think?

I like to be able to grab and go so maybe I can convert him… or I might be able to get my own.
And, while we used budget materials, it doesn't mean clear hardwood wouldn't work even better.
Cut the top strips oversize in length.Remember that building your own bench gives you the opportunity to customize it to match your height, your space and the work you plan to do.
Cut the rods slightly long, install a washer and nut on one end of each and feed each strip onto the rods. Our rough-and-ready work surface visually recalls one of these classic double-trestle benches, but it's a far simpler affair. Cut the dowels slightly oversize with a handsaw, then plane them flush once they're in place.
The bench goes together with ordinary construction lumber, lagscrews, dowels and a top assembled from 1 x 2s joined with threaded rod. You can use a spade bit to bore the dowel holes, but a multispur bit will make a cleaner hole.
It's designed to be a sturdy and unpretentious partner to capably support years of projects.

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