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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. To begin to nauseate you talking about planes, I decided to write down two lines about the Lie Nielsen Violin Makers Plane,better known as the 101. By (not) the way, hello, my name is Andrea Quaini, I am a woodworking hand tools enthusiast and, in this space, along withthe rest of Cremona Tools staff, I will try to entertain you talking about the object of my passion and everything thatrevolves around it. The Lie Nielsen Violin Makers Plane is the smallest planes produced by the very well known Maine company. Its shape and its dimensions are derived from the Stanley 101, but the Lie Nielsen have made a number of improvements that I will try to describe you.
The body is made of manganese bronze a material that will not rust and its high specific weight helps to bring the totalweight of this little plane to about 230 g. The blade is made of A-2 steel that, with the double quenching and cryogenic treatment reaches a hardness of 60-62 on the Rockwell scale. To adjust the projection of the blade, slightly loosen the nut and then turn knurled thumb placed behind the blade.

It's so nice that you will bring it at home with you with the pretext to sharpen your children crayons, but if you use it toslice truffle or carrots, remember to wipe the blade because it is not stainless. In this video you can see Megan Fitzpatrick, the new Editor & Content Director of Popular Woodworking Mgagazine, whodisassembles, reassemble, adjust and use this little gem. If you want more informations, or you want to specify which cookies to accept or not, click on More information. Soon I will have an email address where you can contact me, but if you wish to send me to hell now, youcan do it through the comments of this blog. The careful heat treatment ensures that the blade takes a good edge and keeps it for a long time. Since the blade must be mounted with the bevel facing upward(bevel-up), the angle of work, with the preset sharpening, is 43°.
To release or tighten the blade, loosen ortighten the brass ring that is under the lever cap.
Ltelateral adjustment of the blade is made in a same way: slightly unscrew the nut and then move the blade right or left withyour fingers and then tighten the nut again.

Closing this banner, scrolling the page, or clicking on any other element of the website, you accept the usage of the cookies. It is a good angle for most of the work, but with figuredwood, with cross grain or with wood prone to tear-out, you could increase this angle, as in all bevel-up planes, by simplyincreasing the sharpening angle.
Be careful not to over tighten this nut, because it generates a hugepressure near the mouth, where the body of the plane is very thin and could crack. You usually only have to make a quarter of a turn after the contact between the lever-cap, the blade and the bed.

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