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Ryosuke Otake is a 25 year-old woodworking specialist that may just be one of the best in the world, despite his young age.
I like everything about it, with one exception, the cuffs, they are elastic cuffs and they work very well at keeping the curlies out, but they seem to attract and hold lots of small curlies. The one I have now is falling apart, I've used the heck out of it, and it is time for a new smock.
Could you spray the cuffs with something that would prevent the "small curlies" from sticking? Maybe you can find something with short sleeves or with a cuff that is made of the same material but with a Velcro closure.

So, maybe find a seamstress and use your old one as a pattern with some new ideas tossed in. When we saw this fully articulated, completely wooden Spanish lobster that Otake created with nothing but his hands and a set of carving tools, we could hardly believe our eyes. We elect new Moderators every April and October and vote on any new or revised forum rules. I thought about a smock, but decided it would be just one more thing to wash, besides myself.
Also I often have to go directly from the Dungeon to the L shop so I can't show up covered with dust and or splattered with finish.

It also made us feel guilty that the greatest thing we’ve ever done with our hands is make macaroni and cheese out of a box.

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