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For edge-to-edge joints, miter joints, T-joints and corner joints, a good choice is biscuit joinery. Teresa Bell mentions in the Architectural Woodwork Institute Standards 1st Edition “There is a special appreciation for the unique qualities of wood among those of our craft.
Matthew Kennedy, senior editor for Fine Woodworking magazine adds  “…and I’ve come to realize that what I find appealing is that woodworking allows me to be creative, and that wood is a wonderful medium for artistic expression.” We couldn’t agree more! So whether you are looking for fine custom cabinetry, custom mouldings; curved, rounded or straight, custom doors with arched tops or radius windows, we can create custom wood pieces to meet any specification.  South Shore Millwork guarantees you that you will appreciate our appreciation for wood! Sustainable Plant - Manufacturing Best Practices for the Energy Efficient Industry Professional. Walnut Coffee Tables Coffee TablesDave Stine’s custom walnut coffee tables are handcrafted with sustainably harvested slabs of native Illinois walnut. Sycamore Root Coffee Table Available Now, Coffee TablesThis extraordinary Sycamore Root Coffee Table is crafted with a vertical cross-section of an old, enormous sycamore root ball. Custom Live Edge Dining Tables Dining TablesCustom live edge dining tables are our specialty.
Walnut Conference Tables CommercialDavid Stine’s custom walnut conference tables are crafted with extraordinary slabs of sustainably harvested walnut. Davies Coffee Table Coffee TablesThe Davies Coffee Table is a sustainable wood coffee table.
Custom Desks Commercial, DesksDavid Stine specializes in custom desks handcrafted with sustainably harvested hardwoods, like walnut, cherry, oak, and sycamore.
Oak Cant Coffee Table Coffee TablesThe Oak Cant Coffee Table is a gorgeous handmade coffee table. Cherry Slab Dining Tables Dining TablesDavid Stine’s custom cherry slab dining tables are handcrafted with sustainably harvested slabs of American cherry.
Tall Bar Tables Commercial, Dining TablesThese tall bar tables feature live-edge tops of sustainably harvested hardwoods and sleek aluminum bases. Live Edge Cherry Coffee Table Coffee TablesThe top of this extraordinary live edge cherry coffee table is a single board of live-edge, sustainably harvested cherry. Low Coffee Table Available NowThis extraordinary low coffee table is crafted with two sister boards of sustainably harvested sycamore.
Live Edge Cherry Benches Benches & SeatingThese gorgeous live edge cherry benches are crafted with single slabs of sustainably harvested cherry with walnut slab legs.
Silver Maple Coffee Table I Coffee TablesThe Silver Maple Coffee Table I is one of David Stine’s beautiful, handmade wood tables. Silver Maple Coffee Table II Coffee TablesThe Silver Maple Coffee Table II is one of David Stine’s beautiful slab wood tables.
Cherry Platform Bed BedsThis gorgeous cherry platform bed features a spectacular single slab headboard of sustainably harvested cherry. Walnut Nightstands Nightstands & DressersThese custom walnut nightstands feature one and three drawers.
Custom Twin Beds BedsThese custom twin beds feature a single slab of sycamore divided in two.

Walnut Slab Dining Tables Dining TablesOur custom walnut slab dining tables are made from single boards of highly figured, sustainably harvested live-edge walnut.
Sycamore Slab Dining Tables Dining TablesOur sycamore slab dining tables are made with extraordinary slabs of sustainably harvested live-edge sycamore. Oak Slab Dining Tables Dining TablesOur Oak Slab Dining Tables are handcrafted with single boards of sustainably harvested oak.
Madison Executive Desk DesksThe Madison Executive Desk is a stunning piece in our wood slab furniture collection.
Communal Tables Commercial, Dining TablesDavid Stine’s custom communal tables are made from extraordinary slabs of sustainably harvested hardwoods, like walnut, cherry, oak, and sycamore.
Gerard Craft Oak Dining Table Commercial, Dining TablesThe Gerard Craft Oak Dining Table was handcrafted and custommade for famed St. Large Rounds Side TablesThe Large Rounds Side Table is a tree trunk side table and a unique addition to any room.
Walnut U Coffee Tables Coffee Tables, Side TablesThe Walnut U Coffee Tables are beautiful solid wood coffee tables.
Partners’ Desk DesksThe Partners’ Desk is a beautiful piece of custom solid wood furniture.
Amagansett Walnut Slab Coffee Table Coffee TablesThe Amagansett Walnut Slab Coffee Table features a beautiful live edge slab top of spectacular, sustainably harvested black walnut. Oleski Live Edge Slab Coffee Table Coffee TablesThe Oleski Coffee Table is a gorgeous live edge slab coffee table. Walnut Table with Acrylic Base Dining TablesThis walnut table with acrylic base features two book-matched sister slabs of sustainably harvested walnut. Platform Bowtie Bed BedsThese gorgeous platform bowtie beds feature slab headboards of sustainably harvested Illinois hardwoods with inset bowtie keys. Walnut Slab Desks DesksOur extraordinary custom walnut slab desks feature single board tops of highly figured sustainably harvested walnut. Tree Stump Side Tables Available NowThese cool tree stump side tables make great accent pieces. Super Chunk Coffee Table Coffee TablesThe Super Chunk Coffee Table is made with 3″ thick slabs of sustainably harvested walnut, cherry, or pine.
Oak Bench Benches & SeatingThis beautiful oak bench is made with a single board of sustainably harvested black oak. Nikola Walnut Coffee Table Coffee TablesThe Nikola Coffee Table is a unique wood and steel coffee table. Cherry Slab Desk DesksThis cherry slab desk features an extraordinary single board top of sustainably harvested live-edge Illinois cherry. Walnut Live Edge Benches Benches & SeatingThese perfect little walnut live edge benches are handcrafted with sister boards of sustainably harvested black walnut. Walnut Benches Nightstands & DressersThese perfect little live-edge walnut benches were handcrafted as nightstands to accompany the Walnut Platform Bed.
Walnut Side Tables Side TablesThese custom walnut side tables feature one to three drawers with dovetail joints.

Really Big Cherry Slab Table Dining TablesThe Really Big Cherry Slab Table is truly extraordinary.
Live Edge Cherry Sideboard Available NowThis live edge cherry sideboard features two sister planks of Illinois cherry, suspended between four vertical grain fir legs. Andrew Cherry Slab Dining Table Dining TablesThe Andrew Cherry Slab Dining Table is an exquisite sustainable wood dining table. Live Edge Walnut Dining Tables Dining TablesThese custom live edge walnut dining tables are David Stine’s signature. Round Walnut Table Dining TablesThe top of this gorgeous round walnut table features a single spectacular board of black walnut. Walnut Console Desk Available Now, Consoles, DesksThis beautiful Walnut Console also makes a great desk or slim dining table.
Walnut Crotch Coffee Table Coffee TablesThis extraordinary walnut crotch coffee table features a striking top of sustainably harvested walnut.
Nesting Tables Coffee Tables, Side TablesThe Nesting Tables are three graduated tables that fit elegantly together.
Walnut Platform Bed BedsThis Walnut Platform Bed features a gorgeous headboard crafted from two sister slabs of sustainably harvested Illinois walnut.
Sycamore Slab Dining Table II Dining TablesThe Sycamore Slab Dining Table II features very cool welded aluminum trapezoid legs.
It’s a simple reality that walnut used in woodworking projects has two troublesome traits.
Description: Our demonstrator Joe will give you some straight forward tips and advice on making your bandsaw perform the way you want it to when it comes to resawing and curve cutting. Description: Come see how simple and magnificent it is to create beautiful carvings using a drawing, a photograph, or a snapshot from your camera phone. Biscuits are glued into slots, and the moisture from the glue causes the biscuit to swell and tighten the joint. The Oliver Intellicarve does it all very simply, allowing you to add carvings to box lids, cabinet doors, and furniture parts. This is a free demonstration with a factory trained representative to answer all your questions. Second, walnut lumber contains some pale sapwood, depending on your tastes, you either like it or not. You can use different colors of dye and stain to come up with a final appearance that suits your taste.
However, there is a very easy way to make the color last a long time, make the heartwood and sapwood blend, and still maintain a nice, dark, chocolatey walnut color that’ll make your projects look beautiful.

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