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In my early years of woodworking and cabinet building, I spent a lot of time assembling things on the floor. For my new shop, and especially for piano action regulation I wanted a nice assembly table, but also I wanted it to be adjustable in height. The adjustable height will allow me to do action regulation work comfortably in both sitting and standing positions. I created the adjustable height mechanism by adapting an adjustable height cart sold by Harbor Freight. So is this your holiday plan at work as well this year, convert your cube-farm desk into a height adjustable wonder? Welcome to Engineered Solutions Direct, Login or Create new account to receive future deals and offers from Engineered Solutions.
We can manufacture these wooden workbenches in bespoke sizes so please contact us if you have a specific requirement. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Maxstor is sole leading supplier of wide range of workstation and workbench manufacturer in India.
As we offer wide range options, each and every workbench and workstation can be essentially equipped in a space-saving method.

It  possible due to the high material quality as well as rigid welded joints which supports a heavy duty work which is everyday use in the workshop and production without any obstacles on workbench and workstations. Today there some new type of companies who changed production style and technologies for flexibility, ergonomics and efficiency. As exporter of workbench and workstation in India, we focus on every workbench and workstation design which has efficient enough for improvement and maximum output creation. We export workbench and workstation for production conditions such as high variant diversity and short product life cycles are important features which are considered in the production process for the workspace solution in order to eradicate waste and streamline processes. This workbench and workstation have efficient construction based and add-on table, which can be fitted on one side or on both sides.
The different combinations of workbench tops, drawers, cladding options, vices and perforation panels can be arranged to create maximum working space and conditions, we always keep in mark to offer latest ergonomics. Workbench tops has effective protection against water, dirt, oil and grease and thus it is a stable working surface. Maxstora€™s workbench and workstation offers slotted for the division with partitions adjustable shelf. Workbench with multiplex tops options such as 19 mm, 32 mm and 52 mm thick, Medium density fibre wood also available in 25mm and 50mm thick. We have variants in workstation and workbench in India such as mobile workbench, portable workbench, drawer workbench, steel workbench, heavy duty workbench, industrial workbench, assembly workbench.

For such organisation we offer workstation and workbench in India which has all-in-one features for optimising manual workstations and work space. Power supply option is also offered for workbench and workstation, 5 AMP and 15AMP for using power tools.
There are very rare professional in industrial table, worktable and assembly table manufacturer and suppliers in India. There are equipment to grab bins which possible the optimum and efficient working conditions for organisation of small working appliances. Such workbench and workstation are widely used by different types of cargo, electrical industry, food packing industry which can solve virtually any transport problem. Drawer workbench are the workbench with drawer which has multiple choice of drawer with partition and divider. We also provide electrical workbench used in electrical industry, such are with ESD mat workbench and workstation.

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