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In a world where Design and Technology dominates every aspect of our lives, students at Kurunjang Secondary College are recognizing the importance and relevance of this learning area. During this learning process, students chose a client to interview where they gained important information based on the need and specifications of the product.
Students then went on to undertake an extensive role in “research and development” looking into existing designs to gain valuable information, allowing them to modify and create individualised project designs based on their client’s specific needs and requirements.
During the planning stage, students used their “numeracy skills” to breakdown all material components of their project design by creating and using a “working drawing” and detailed “cutting and costing list”. This being said, students in years 9 – 12, Design and Technology Woodwork have successfully carried out this process, producing their portfolios and their individual products, with some outstanding work being produced. Examples of timber products made this year include: Grandfather and Mantle clocks, assorted tables, chest of drawers, model housing construction, electric guitars, skateboards, and dressers to name a few…. On Thursday 1st July, the top set year 9 spent the day doing the Tomorrow’s Engineers Energy Challenge. About NetherwoodNetherwood is one of nine new Advanced Learning Centres opened in Barnsley. Ronseal Weatherproof 10 year exterior wood paint utilises advanced technology to provide long lasting weatherproof protection to all your exterior woodwork.
Weatherproof in only 1 hour, it's specially developed to ensure paintwork isn't spoiled due to changing weather conditions. Barack Obama listens to sisters Kimberly Yeung (R) and Rebecca Yeung (L) explain their science project while touring exhibits at the White House Science Fair April 13, 2016 in Washington, DC. President Barack Obama has hosted the annual White House Science Fair every year since 2010, when he launched it to honor kids from kindergarten to 12th grade who submit projects from the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines. The president got in touch with his inner child by blowing bubbles from a bubble maker made by 9-year-old Jacob Leggette with a 3-D printer.

He tested this project by 9-year-old Kimberly and 11-year-old Rebecca Yeung, two sisters from Seattle. This impressive whisky was aged for 7 years in refill bourbon casks before being finished in first fill Marsala casks before bottling, August 1996. The nose offers rich notes of cut hay and earth, a touch of gentle peat smoke with notes of black cherry, dried strawberries and a touch of nuttiness with apricot conserve.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Just 30 minutes after brushing it on, Ronseal Quick Drying Wood Stain has coloured, sealed waterproofed and protected your exterior wood.
Students have observed and acknowledged all that has developed through centuries of Product, Design and Technology, beginning with the necessities of creating shelter, items that keep us warm, to products that we require in our daily lives. They looked at many facets for information, to assist them in meeting the “Constraints and Considerations” of the product required. This information was presented in a visual form including work such as “Collage of ideas” and “Considered features” including “many detailed sketches with supporting annotation”. Students presented their “design options” to their client from where the client chose their “preferred option” and formally “justified” this choice. Incorporating numeracy skills with literacy and higher order thinking, our students covered a vast range of educational skills.
Our visitor Hassana Ahmed from the Smallpiece Trust spent the day showing our students the exciting opportunities and challenges of a STEM career. Although it's not our official address, the postcode S73 8DG should provide better guidance. There is a range of flexible, open closed learning spaces supported by widespread technology, and fully equipped specialist areas for practical subjects and sport.

Ideal for both bare or previously painted wood, it flexes with the movement of the wood to resist any cracking, peeling and blistering for 10 years guaranteed. It's also drip resistant, maintains gloss levels longer than traditional gloss paints and brushes out smoothly and evenly, providing excellent coverage and protection to your exterior wood. It records location coordinates, temperature, velocity, and pressure, and reports the data back to them. He’s pictured here in 2015 with a group of 6-year-old Girl Scouts from Oklahoma who used Legos to build a battery-powered page turner for people who are paralyzed or suffer from arthritis.
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They appreciate that all this and more merely started as an idea and has been developed and produced through the fundamental process of “Design and Technology”. Students also spent the day in groups utilising their engineering skills to design wind turbines made out of just paper, masking tape and split pins.
The challenge was to construct a wind turbine designed to effectively generate a maximal voltage output. The winners received some fantastic prizes and overall everyone displayed some great team work, creativity and engineering skills!

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