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The Wednesday September 9, 2015 episode of “Y&R” opens with Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Chelsea meeting at Crimson Lights – Victoria tells Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) she intends to be more hands off and trust Chelsea. Adam (Justin Hartley) comes to see Jack (Peter Bergman) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and tells them he wants his old job back. Cane (Daniel Goddard) calls Lily (Christel Khalil) and tells her about the witness that they found who saw Hilary after she fell and the witness said a man who looked like Devon (Bryton James) carried her away. Neil tells Hilary if he wanted her to die he would have left her in Virgin Gorda but he brought her back to GC.
Adam tells Billy (Burgess Jenkins) he was only offering his services and not asking Billy’s permission. Victoria recounts to Chelsea when she tried to marry Billy and Victor had her arrested before she could get married. Meanwhile, Neil breaks into the hospital supply room and cannot get into the cabinet he wants. Neil makes an excuse that he was looking for the pharmacy to get a prescription for sleeping pills and had to duck inside a room when he saw reporters. Adam asks Jack what if there was a Project that required someone who knew both companies to keep an eye on things. Ashley is not interested and tells Jack she thinks she knows who is behind the Paragon Project and she is going to investigate herself.
Michael is telling Cane about all the crackpots who are coming out of the woodwork since they posted the reward. Jack tells Ashley she is being shortsighted but he will be bringing Gabriel on as a private contractor to keep an eye on The Paragon Project and the two companies.
Chelsea tells Adam she envies Billy and Victoria despite everything they have found their way back together.

Lily finally gets a hold of Cane and tells Cane that Neil went to a doctor for sleeping pills and she is upset because Neil is an alcoholic and she is afraid where it could lead. I'm done Providing this final coat of lacquer dries fine, I can put on the rope for handles on monday. Nearly done, put my first coat of Estapol on today, and got 3 more to go, cutting it very fine. The photo is of my job before estapol, looks 10x better now and draw handles will go on after just before final coat. I used four coats of estapol gloss and using teak scanndinavian oil with a bit of steel wood to buffer it back giving it a smooth finish.
Chelsea asks Victoria if she understands Victor (Eric Braeden) blackmailed her to stay in town.
Michael (Christian LeBlanc) takes the phone and tells Lily they have to entertain the thought that the witness is telling the truth. Lily tells Devon that the police are trying to punch holes in Devon’s alibi and asks him to go over it again with her.
Devon tells Lily he has nothing to hide and he does not know how he can convince a jury he is innocent if his sister, her husband and his lawyer think he is guilty.
Adam suggests that Jack hire him to try and find who is behind the Paragon Project and keep an eye on both companies to keep the threat away from them. Devon tells Neil there is a new witness who saw a man carrying Hilary off who looked like him. Ashley says Gabriel is power hungry and not trustful and Jack tells her that is the reason she should hire Gabriel.
She lets Devon know Michael is afraid if the witness comes forward the police could believe him.

Jimmy is mad they wont give him the reward money and tells them if his evidence is not good enough for them he can go to the police. Jack walks Adam to the elevator and tells Adam he could not hire him because he gave Ashley the reigns of the company.
Jack tells Ashley that Gabriel could be an independent contractor to keep an eye on both companies because of the Paragon Project. FLASHBACK – Neil has a flashback of when he showed Hilary the video of Devon with a hooker. Neil tells him he does and Devon says, “Yes you are right it is too find out who is reasonable for Hilary’s disappearance and make them pay with their life.” Devon leaves and Neil looks concerned. I decided to stain mine first, I didn't think a clear coat would be good for how it looked. In the remaining time I'm going to continue working on a few accompanying bits and pieces for the project. Lily is shocked and Gwen tells her not to worry because she is sure Neil checked with his doctor before taking meds. Michael tells the prosecutor the witness was more interested in the reward than giving them information.

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