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Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, it often carries the biggest “wow” potential, and cabinets and countertops are the make-it-or-break-it elements of its aesthetic.
Decisions, decisionsWhen building a new kitchen from scratch, do you start with choosing the cabinets or the countertops?
Once you’ve chosen either your cabinets or countertops, ensure the complementing element is just that—complementary.
StoneStone countertops are likely the most well-known and revered countertop material in America today. Baez points specifically to imported Italian marble, noting its historic, centuries-old purpose as a countertop material. QuartzWith an aesthetic similar to granite, quartz countertops have become a choice rising in popularity over the last decade.
WoodFor many Atlantans, the natural look of wood is preferable among countertop choices, giving the kitchen a warmer look than stone or quartz.
Though it may have a timeless aesthetic, in order to make a wood countertop last, you must choose a good finishing product.
Wood countertops are sensitive to chemicals, however, so a simple soap-and-water wash is all that’s needed for cleaning. What’s newWe asked local experts about new, exciting products coming soon to the cabinet and countertop market, and we found a pattern: porcelain. At VT Stone Surfaces, Meriaux tells us of a new, large-format porcelain and ceramic countertop. Built-In OrganizationOne of the most exciting cabinet trends of the 21st century is integrated storage solutions. Our Design Consultants make sure you have a fun and exciting shopping experience and help to create the home you’ve been dreaming of!

We strive to ensure each painting project exceeds your expectations - backed by our 100% Guarantee & Warranty. Zebrawood heartwood is a golden-yellow with narrow veining or streaks of dark brown to black which gives quartered surfaces a zebra-stripe appearance.
Used primarily for decorative purposes where strength and mechanical properties are unimportant. Works easily with hand and power tools, although its alternating grain structure makes it difficult to achieve a good machine finish. Difficult to dry and requires care in order to avoid surface checking, splitting and distortion. A good contractor is like a good mechanic: find the right one and you'll have a partner in home improvement for years to come. Authentic zebrawood, also known as Zebrano, African Zebrawood, or Zingana, is an extremely heavy and hard, exotic wood that is imported from central Africa.
Anderson advises getting countertops that are in contrasting tones to their cabinets: “Dark top, light base. It is more common to install new countertops on old cabinets than vice versa, so quality is a big factor in your cabinet choice.
The truth is, there is no universally perfect material; there is only a perfect-for-you countertop.
For most quartz-countertop offerings, the material is made of quartz, a natural mineral, which is engineered for improved durability and ease of maintenance. Johnson recommends a marine varnish sealer, which is 100 percent water- and stain-proof and soaks deeply into the wood fiber, then hardens to create an extremely durable finish that only needs to be applied once.
As one of the harder woods, Zebrawood is extremely durable and is highly resistant to termites and other damage.

That means keeping contents organized and easy to retrieve for frequent use, as well as allowing for everyday wear and tear without too much maintenance. Anderson says that Craft Art wood countertops are treated with a Waterlox tung oil finish, which also penetrates and fills the wood pores, making the surface extremely resistant to food, drinks and heavy daily use. And to go the extra distance in terms of durability, choose a countertop with a distressed finish, so any new scratches don’t stand out.
It’s appearance is a pale or soft yellow and features varying patterns of dark stripes from shades of brown to black. We'll get back with you to discuss all of the details, and you'll be one step closer to beautiful custom cabinetry.
Keeping all this in mind, we drew upon the knowledge of Atlanta-area experts on both the latest and the most popular time-tested trends in cabinetry and countertops. These have all the durability of porcelain and ceramic tile with virtually unlimited patterns and designs that will be possible. Primarily used in hardwood flooring, cabinetry, and furniture, Zebrawood is also used for products such as guitars, gun grips, skis, and other specialty items. I think it gives the room a safari feel, as there are pictures of African wildlife displayed.
For the most part, Zebrawood is quarter-sawed in order to highlight the contrasting grain colors. Due to this, Zebrawood typically has a medium to coarse texture with interlocking grain patterns.

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