Uzywamy plikow cookies, aby ulatwic Ci korzystanie z naszego serwisu oraz do celow statystycznych. After having her third child, then-17-year-old Tiffany Cunningham realized just how much responsibility she had amassed in three years.Ms. Corinthian Allen, 19, tries to teach her son, Ja-Shawn Allen, 2, left, and daughter, Arnijah Johnson, 3, to share. Long before the issue gained the spotlight recently with the pregnancy of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin s 17-year-old daughter, Lucas County has struggled with high rates of pregnant teenagers and even some preteens in elementary school.And while teen births are again on the rise after declining for a few years, officials are trying to use local efforts to prevent teen pregnancies and combat increasing rates of gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases.
Chrissa Sainker, left, and Sydney Brewer are students at Polly Fox Academy, a Toledo charter school for pregnant teens and young mothers. Teen pregnancy has become routine for some local families, repeating generation after generation and often keeping them in poverty, officials said.Ms. The number of babies born to Ohio teenagers dropped after 2001 but has started to inch back up. Five times between 2001 and 2006, Lucas County has ranked first among Ohio's urban counties in birth rates* for girls ages 10 to 19.
The birth rate among Lucas County girls ages 10-19 exceeded 24 per 1,000 from 2001 to 2006.
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Cunningham was 14 when she had her son, Tacarie Marshall, but the Toledo teen quickly adjusted to caring for a child about the same age as her youngest sister.Tacarie was walking when daughter Deborah Marshall was born, so Ms.

Some programs help parents talk to their children about sexual activity, abstinence, birth control, and other topics.Teen pregnancies in Lucas County have rebounded to levels not seen since the late 1990s. Allen, who has two children, said she wished she had listened to her parents advice about staying in school and away from risky behavior. Lucas County had an estimated 1,441 pregnant females ages 10 to 19 in 2006, the second-highest number among all counties statewide, Ohio Department of Health statistics show.In all but four years since 1989, Lucas County annually has led the state in teen birth rates among urban areas. In Lucas County, teen births are most prevalent in Toledo s central, north, and east-side neighborhoods. Ramirez went to Ohio State University, and he shared parenting duties for his now-18-year-old daughter while advancing his education. Now the Toledo teen is trying to finish high school while working at McDonald s to support Arnijah Johnson, 3, and Ja-Shawn Allen, 2.Difficult struggle I don t think we knew it was going to be as hard as our parents put it, Ms. If a comment violates these standards or our privacy statement or visitor's agreement, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report abuse. But with the birth 10 months ago of daughter Curtisy Marshall, amid the flurry of diapers and other necessities, Ms. Cunningham now tries talking to young friends and relatives about dating and using birth control if they are sexually active advice she never received she said she ll counsel her children.Ms. Pregnancy prevention programs are found throughout Toledo, but they are especially targeted at Woodward High School students, as well as to teens at Waite, Libbey, and Scott high schools.At Woodward, a new effort allows suspended students to attend an Adelante Inc.
He said he is harsher on teens who have fathered babies with more than one girl, but he is understanding of the issues teen mothers face.

Cunningham, who vows not to be a grandmother by 30, said she plans to graduate from Toledo s Polly Fox Academy in January, study nursing at Owens Community College, and become a physical therapist. These girls got a lot of sad things going on, and they look for love in different places, said Mr. Having children helped her focus on getting an education and finding a way out of low-income housing, she said. Helping parents develop strategies to reduce the risk of teen pregnancies is the next goal, he said.Plain Talk educates parents about what community resources are available, whether obtaining birth control for those who are sexually active, getting across an abstinence message, finding employment, or meeting other needs.
Two full-time Plain Talk employees go door to door and attend community meetings, and they hold home health parties to give parents in-depth information about anatomy, birth control, and sexually transmitted diseases.Parent volunteer efforts are the most developed at Greenbelt Place Apartments in North Toledo, where a core group of 13 parents helps talk with other parents and children, Mr. Gloria Harris, president of the Greenbelt Association, was one of the first volunteers in that neighborhood. If I don t teach my kids right, someone out in the world is going to teach them the wrong way, Ms.
Harris said.Education optionsAt Polly Fox Academy, a charter school sponsored by TPS for teens who are pregnant or mothers, more than 150 students are enrolled so far this year. Most of the teens are in high school, although the youngest this year is 13, and subsidized child care is provided while students attend class.Parenting skills, coping skills, career development, and contraception are other topics taught at the academy.

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