You should always be prepared for meeting potential clients in person, but the fact is, most are going to call first because they either live in another region of the country, or because you do most of your business over the Internet. When you use a 1 800 toll free number, it tells customers that you run a serious, professional, and organized business. That might not be so important if you only want customers from the immediate vicinity, but if you want to expand, you need to make it easy and cost-effective for people to reach your business no matter where they live.
I keep looking, but I never catch a glimpse of shiny red boots in my closet to match a Wonder Woman crown, and Ia€™ve never been named Woman of the Universe. Sadly, this means that as much as I try, Ia€™m still not successful at a€?doing it all,a€? no matter how organized I am or no matter how many happy faces I put on.What does this mean? Oh, I may pull off a wonderfully successful sales call, and even get a budget or expense report done, but then I realize Ia€™ve forgotten to return an important call, or I failed to make it to the office supply store before closing time.Thata€?s why one of the best things that I ever did for myself was to get help with my phone system. And this is one of the best pieces of advice I can give to other home based or small business owners.Why is an 800 Call Forwarding Number important?Because before I had a 800A call forwarding service, Ia€?d miss calls, not receive an important message, or Ia€?d be unavailable when out of the office. Nowadays, most businesses in all business categories have at least one toll free number.Initially, the 800 and 888 area codes for toll free numbers were specific for numbers in the USA and Canada until a worldwide standard was set by the International Telecommunication Union. Now, businessA 800 numbers are available all over the world, not just in the USA and Canada.The key to running a successful business is giving potential customers the ability to contact you easily. If you only have a local phone number, many people will avoid calling long distance or internationally to reach you and therefore you may lose a great deal of business. People will not be discouraged from calling you if they know they will not be charged for the call.Attaining an 800 business numberA does not mean you have to give up your current local phone number. This way, you can receive both the toll free calls and the calls to your local number on the same phone.Business 800 numbersA are used in virtually all businesses, especially those whose clientele span across the globe. Simply sign-up for an 800 numberA and one of our business coordinators will contact you ASAP with your toll free numbers. You can also get more than one toll free number forwarded to the same phone line or use our rollover feature to receive multiple calls at the same time (to the same PBX number or to different numbers).Toll free phone numbers are great for entrepreneurs. If you are starting a small business, toll free numbers are a great way to get the business rolling fast.
If you decide to travel, get the toll free calls forwarded to your mobile phone so you do not miss any calls.Getting 1 800 call forwardingA is a basic, easy way to build your business by greatly improving its appearance as well as organizing your calls. Experience the benefits of this invaluable tool and watch your business grow with a radically better phone number. The concept seems counter-intuitive if you think about how the way we communicate is changing.
They don’t want to wait on hold and often will reach out to the Internet, social media, and mobile apps to gather information.

However, I believe this is where consultants, freelancers, designers, and the many other professions that make up the ever growing base of home-based businesses and small businesses, truly have an advantage.
Despite the benefits of online, when it comes to customer support, the 800 pound guerrillas are toll free numbers and the small businesses that utilize them. Using anA 800 number for small businessA can provide levels of support and service that differentiate it from large companies. A recent article from Bloomberg Business Week shows home based businesses are increasing.So why should a small business list a toll free number in its advertising channels?
Here are four good reasons:Easy to Obtain and Affordable In the past, you had to contact your local phone service provider to get a toll free number.
Today, you can skip the long term contracts, the expensive service, and the wait to get your new number setup by using a call forwarding service. Choosing a toll free number and selecting a low cost pricing plan take only minutes, and your service is up and running instantly. Not to mention you get a ton of other advanced features.Simple Campaign Tracking Large companies may want more advanced tracking, but small businesses with less than a handful of employees can get by on far less.
Even if a person has caller id blocking turned on, when they call a toll free number the details are still captured. Furthermore the majority of respondents confirmed that the biggest benefit to having an 800 number is that their business appears larger and more legitimate.
At the end of the day, legitimacy translates to more business.Advanced Call Routing and Management With a virtual toll free number you can assign unique numbers to each campaign, or setup an extension for each campaign that provides promotional messaging.
You can route callers to an online voicemail system that will route calls to where you need or just transcribe the message and send your voicemail to email.Getting a toll free number for your business is easy. According to Whiteman, being accessible and easy to reach is key to her and her industrya€™s success. After she obtained a toll-free forwarding number to help deal with her plight, she encouraged all travel agent owners and operators to see that agents have a toll-free number. She wrote:If calling a [travel agent] operator becomes expensive and fraught with irritation, then it breeds a bad working relationship and business goes elsewhere. We regularly see news stories and travel features in the press about the rise of Internet bookings. But when it comes to detailed travel plans in worldwide destinations, agents really come into their own.
My neighbors, who are getting ready to sell their house, had their garage wide open and a white truck with the vanity phone number, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, sat in the driveway. We’ll remove almost anything a€“ from old furniture and appliances to garden waste and renovation debris.

Along with, a€?Maybe if I use this service when my husband is not home, I can make many of his old beloved items, like his beer can collection from 1983, magically disappear.a€?My point? This company, which I found out has many more locations then I would have thought, got my attention, drew me to their website, satisfied my need for a good bargain with coupons and referral programs, and offered me a solution, all within a few minutes.
This was effective marketing at work.I am making spring cleaning plans as we speak, and indulging fantasies of a sparkling clean garage. Oh, the possibilities!800 forwarding numbersA and vanity phone numbers offer the ability to attract attention to the unsuspecting customer. They offer the ease of recall, as my memory load can handle a phrase much better then a series of numbers. And they can also be just the lure for customers to find out more about your service or product.As with my experience this morning, vanity phone numbers can be a part of a complete package that can help you market your company, gain attention and attract new customers. When potential customers see that youa€™re willing to pay for their phone call, it infers that you not only want to hear from them, but that you take their inquiries seriously.You provide a level of comfort to your customers. When a customer knows that no matter where they are, or no matter what they need, you can easily be reached help them feel a level of comfort in choosing to do business with you.You will increase your response rates.
It is a known fact that advertisements that feature a toll free phone number generate higher responses than those advertisements that dona€™t.You will have an edge up on the competition in the Yellow Pages. Businesses that feature 800 numbers in the yellow pages receive more inquiries than those who do not.A toll free number compliments website advertisements. Featuring a toll free number on websites allows your potential new customers to act immediately, and can generate more results.Your marketing efforts appear more professional. When it comes to business cards, pamphlets and brochures, those featuring a toll free number show a level of accessibility and professionalism that helps you stand out.Your sales can increase significantly.
Obtaining a toll-free phone number means that your customers are not limited to a geographical area.
Sales opportunities increase immediately, the minute your toll free phone number is activated.Your company becomes more competitive. Even if you are a one-person operation, having a toll free number helps your company look big, enabling you to compete with the biggest and largest of companies in your field.Having a toll free phone number gives you advantages that can help propel your business to a higher level of success.
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