With the launch of the Blackberry Z3, everyone is looking to score with the cheapest deal possible.
Updated 9 April 2014 – Telkom Mobile (8ta) Pricing added The Samsung Galaxy S5 contract deals are going to be the next hype around the globe in the next few weeks. South African contract deals available for the Sony Experia Go compared between Vodacom and MTN. Neotel is the latest broadband provider in South Africa to unveil new, improved broadband packages.
The company has launched new NeoConnect Home and NeoGo Data products which provide far better value for money than their existing products. It is understood that Neotel will run these new products as promotional offers which will compliment their existing NeoConnect and NeoGo product ranges. The service is also available at R349 on a 12 month contract, or at R249 per month on a month-to-month contract with a R799 up-front payment.
The service is also available at R499 on a 12 month contract, or at R349 per month on a month-to-month contract with a R1,599 up-front payment. The service is also available at R699 on a 12 month contract, or at R349 per month on a month-to-month contract with a R2,199 up-front payment.
In related news, iBurst is also set to launch new broadband products in the near future, and market speculation suggests that the company will unveil new iBurst Wireless and ADSL products within the next week or two.
Political parties on Friday condemned the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s decision on limiting broadcasting of protests.

This week you can score a sweet deal if you shop at Game, Dion Wired, Makro, Loot, and Incredible Connection. David Shapiro, deputy chairman at Sasfin Securities, explains why he is no longer an investor in MTN.
President Jacob Zuma will be reviewing the transport benefits of his wives, and those of former presidents and deputy presidents.
Results from Sunday Times’ Top Brands Survey showed that Vodacom is the top telecoms brand in South Africa, followed by MTN and Cell C. Results from the 15th edition of the survey found that for telecommunications providers, Vodacom again ranked first (76.93), followed by MTN and Cell C. The survey noted that MTN was first for “most spontaneously aware” and also the most used brand in the sector. The Sunday Times also ranked top brands in the social networking space, with Facebook winning out, ahead of Google+, then Twitter, and YouTube. TV service providers were also ranked, with e-tv placing ahead of SABC1, DStv Premium, SABC2, DStc Compact, SABC3, and TopTv, last.
I have decided to make things easy for you my lovely blog readers – matter of fact, I always strive to do that! If you liked the content on this page, your friends on Facebook will like to know about it. Cell C is definitely taking a leaf out of MTN and Vodacom’s playbook with this out of bundle data rate.

One never really consider that your local ADSL internet provider might also have packages for your needs, at much cheaper data bundle prices or deals you wouldn’t be able to resist! The S5 is now available for pre-order, but you probably wondering what would the galaxy S5 price in South Africa be. To be honest, I cannot tell which prepaid tariff is the cheapest between the two, however, I can suggest the considerations to make when choosing a prepaid tariff plan. And on our cellphone deals comparison website, we only put one package – the one with the lowest price. If you have any suggestion regarding this post or anything on this blog, you may leave a comment or use the contact us page.
That quickly adds up, and even though the cost of the phone is around R20 more expensive at MTN than at Vodacom, you will benefit from the MTN contract if you make more than 3 hours worth of calls compared to Vodacom.
Cell C has designed these packages so that from the lowest usage to the highest usage customers get some of the most competitive in-bundle rates in the market. One of the biggest headaches for end-users this causes, is the fact that Cell C doesn’t communicate the amount of data used up on their bundles before going out of bundle. This means that every single customer of Cell C needs to be very vigilant in watching their data usage, else find a surprise bill at the end of the month, ruining most people’s budgets.

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