With today’s minor MacBook Air refresh, our fellow American friends saw starting prices drop $100 to $899 for the 11-inch base model. If you spend $50 more, you could get a refurb 2013 11.6-inch MacBook Air with an updated Haswell processor for $799, which seems like a much better deal than the 2012 model. I think the thought of Apple behind closed doors during one of their meetings while someone coming up with this concept is hilarious! It features the next generation system-on-a-chip A7 processor with 64-bit desktop class architecture. It has full Xcode support, and is backwards compatible. Don’t hold your panties in a -bunch-, they can name it whatever they want to name it. The air name is an unnecessary designation if there will be nothing in the future that denotes a non-Air.

Apple is widely rumoured to introduce the redesigned, fourth generation Apple TV this spring. Cool Idea, nice design, fitting with Apple’s look, but not sure if power can be used from HDMI port, even the Chromecast uses a USB port on the TV for power, (although not always advertised that way). I think this looks beautiful, although it would definitely be top heavy if it were a real product. A If you want to use a case, it’d be extremely difficult to develop a good one with that sort of screen. It also sports a new, improved FaceTime HD camera with larger pixels, improved backside illumination and dual microphones. Destroying original retina display’s PPI on iPad mini to match it with iPad Air was very unlike Job-based Apple.

If you can’t contribute to such a discussion with something intelligent, then why bother posting at all? But instead of a full blown set-top box, the designer has now imagined Apple’s version of Chromecast, Google’s highly successful HDMI dongle that went on sale in Canada last week for $39. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to connect audio to a receiver using a fibre optic cable. Referred to as the ‘Apple TV Air’, it provides the cheapest possible way to experience the Apple TV and costs only $49.

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