The first and most important to think about are naming the application and giving it a nice logo. After selecting your application in the marketplace the description is one of the most important things a user will look at (apart from the rating). Screenshots are your last shot at convincing a user to download your app, so you better make sure it’s good. Die Nachfrage nach Apps ist gewaltig – die Steigerungsraten der App Downloads nehmen unaufhorlich zu und ein Ruckgang scheint auf langere Sicht nicht vorstellbar.
Ein neuer Report von AppFlood zeigt wie sich Appentwickler in diesem extrem dynamischen Markt verhalten und besonders welche Schwierigkeiten bei der App Promotion auftreten. Ebenso im heute notwendigen Bereich des App Tracking und der App Analyse haben viele Entwickler noch nicht die richtigen Fertigkeiten. Generell hat die Mehrheit der Entwickler bereits Mobile Advertising verwendet, wobei kleinere aufgrund Budgetmangels mit 50% etwas hinterherhinken.
Ein durchschnittliches Budget fur kleinere App Entwickler liegt bei unter $5.000, sagten 88% der Befragten.
Am popularsten sind sind Cost per Click (CPC) mobile Werbenetzwerke, wobei 51%, 55% und 58% der kleinen, mittleren und gro?en Unternehmen dies schon eingesetzt haben.
Wir bieten neben CPC vor allem Cost per Install Kampagnen an, wo zu einem festgelegten Preis Downloads und Installs gekauft werden konnen. Fur uns naturlich besonders interessant ist die Frage wie ein Dienstleister zu App Vermarktung gefunden und ausgewahlt wird. Wenig verwunderlich war der gro?te Faktor zur Auswahl das Vertrauen in die Qualitat der Leistungen des Anbieters.
Was sowohl in Deutschland aber auch in den USA selten angewandt wird ist die tiefergehende Analyse des Userverhaltens, der Monetarisierung der App und der daraus abzuleitenden KPIs. If you've spent more than a minute hunting for this across your home screens, you may want to consider organizing your smartphone for easy access. Solve this problem by taking 15 minutes to clean out the jumble of app clutter, and find an organizational structure that works for you.
For some people, default category names such as "Productivity," "Reference" and "Utilities" are too vague. An app icon's visual elements are specifically designed to be easily identified and memorable.
The end result may be a smartphone with a rainbow color scheme, but you'll see that color filing may make your life run a little more smoothly.
The icons that came with your Apple phone will be placed into their default locations, and your other apps will be sorted alphabetically. If you like placing your apps in bins, another option is to create an "A" folder, "B" folder, etc. However, if you like to file away apps in folders, this may not be the ideal method for you. If you aren't a fan of using folders, you can use the themed row method to place related apps together. Assign a specific genre or theme to each row, like "day planning." By grouping similar apps, you can easily identify which row to navigate toward.
For example, your first row can be dedicated to day planning apps such as your calendars, to-do lists and reminders.
If you don't want your emojis to stand alone, an alternative is to mix emoji pictures with words. This photo sharing app boasts compatibility with Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Foursquare, and has lots of fun filters. Starring Om Nom, a little green monster that loves candy, Cut the Rope is a surprisingly addictive physics game in which you are required to cut said rope in order to drop a sweet into Om Nom's mouth. The iPhone 4 has built-in PDF support, but GoodReader works better for large files and has many more features, including support for some MS Office formats. An app that really demonstrates what the iPhone is capable of, HippoRemote acts as a remote control for your PC, Mac or Apple TV. Not quite as cute as Cut the Rope, but no less addictive, Fruit Ninja brings some wholesome, tasty fruit slicing fun, and uses the touchscreen to great advantage. If you're coming to the Verizon iPhone from a background in Android, this app may will help with the transition. It’s been considerably long Windows Phone been around and people still complain that there are not enough apps in Windows Phone marketplace. Below is the table where you can type your Andriod or iOS App name, and it will suggest you the equivalent. A die hard fan of Windows, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone and Xbox, Loves to Do Video reviews on Windows Phone Apps, Games, Xbox Games, Xbox Tutorials. A.One more I can download apps in my PC & I can transfer them to my SD card, but do I need to be connected to internet all the time to install those apps?

A source tells the New York Post's Page Six that the 31-year-old uses the alter ego to avoid attracting fame-seekers, but he quickly comes clean about his true identity when he connects with any promising matches.
Last year, Kellan revealed he had set himself a five-year deadline to find the perfect partner and start a family by 2020. He went on to describe his ideal woman as someone who is "kind and genuine - and loves life and is willing to be adventurous", and warned that a major turn-off is "someone who constantly checks her phone".
The first thing you think of now is getting the application out on the marketplace as soon as possible. Make sure you use the Zune software and your phone to check out the marketplace for similar applications. Of course this depends on the user, to get the best results make sure your name and logo style match the style of your application. For most applications it will be quite trivial, a game goes in Games and news in News & Weather. This is the moment a user decides whether or not your app will get a chance on his device, so make sure your message is convincing.
Most users make their decision based on rating and the first 4 lines of description, so make sure you get them right. First of all make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes (they will probably fail your app for certifcation anyway).
While working with WP7 the last 6 months I noticed that they CAN make a difference for every app. Auf der anderen Seite scheint es immer riskanter zu sein als unabhangiger Selbstandiger eine App zu entwickeln und erfolgreich zu vermarkten. Daten zu dieser Anaylse wurden von 1022 US Appentwicklern mit unterschiedlicher Unternehmensgro?e erhoben. Im Gegensatz dazu haben gro?ere Appfirmen eigene Positionen fur’s App Marketing entwickelt.
Interessannterweise verwenden viele Entwickler Webseitenbanner oder Takeovers um die App zu promoten.
Es empfiehlt sich vorher ungefahr den Customer Lifetime Value der App User zu kennen um genau den ROI der App Marketingmassnahmen zu errechnen. App Marketing Kampagnen mit etablierten und bekannten Namen und Netzwerken zusammenzuarbeiten, in der Hoffnung dort die Qualitat zu finden die sie suchen. Apps are designed to improve our lives and make us more efficient, but trying to find them in a mishmash collection of colorful icons can be time-consuming. Your mind associates colors much quicker than black and white name labels, and colors can help you navigate your phone faster.
If it's easier for you to open an app on the perimeter of your phone, then it may be best to place your frequently used apps strategically around the phone's edges. To keep your phone clean and easily accessible, the goal is to have no more than three home screens.
This can be home to apps that you don't access as regularly as the apps on your dock or home screen. You can also put apps that distract you (like games) or apps that you're trying to use less in this space. Instagram isn't just a great way to share your own photos, it's a great way to see what photos your friends are taking.
Despite the cutesy premise and child-like graphics, the game has received some serious accolades and, as an App Store exclusive (for now), is a bit of a jewel in the iPhone's casual gaming crown. It's a great all-purpose document viewer, file manager, PDF reader and annotator, so if you're planning to do more with your iPhone than play games and take pics, this will start you off on the right track. More than just a filter pack, the photographs taken with the app have a genuine toy camera feel, with options to adjust the film, lenses and even type of flash effect. It's pretty smart as a companion device, especially if you have a laptop or desktop hooked up to your TV. It has "live view" functionality so you can see what you're shooting, and there's even "projector" sounds to achieve authentically aged footage. We've seen 4-year-olds and 40-year-olds get sucked into this game -- it's fun, messy and boasts great satisfying sound effects. The free Google Mobile App will alleviate any homesickness with Google Goggles, search by voice, the My Location map shortcut and various Google-powered search options.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. First we, collected a list of apps from Android and iPhone users and then looked into marketplace for apps which work similarly and are worthy of using. He Owns a Lumia 950 XL, Lumia 550, Lumia 1020 & BLU WIN HD LTE and have used all the Lumia Phones and Non Lumia Phones as well. Can I watch live TV (as there are so many free apps on android which allow me to watch cricket )?

I love games a lot, but when I compared 520,620,720 all are almost same from a game lovers prospective (all are having 512mb ram) and most of the games are not compatible with 512mb ram. I searched on windows phone store there are some paid apps which can download mp3, video in Music+Video folder, is it true?
Unfortunately many developers still waste the potential of their application by not taking time to carefully think about how users are going to find and use their application. If you made simple, functional, metro styled application, make sure the logo confirms to the Metro design guidelines. Also remember that no single smartphone user will take the time to scroll through endless lines of description. Unfortunately the App Hub does not provide any indication of what part of the description wil show up on the first screen. Bottom line is that taking a little extra time to think about marketing will make your app get the highest chance of success. Hier zeigt sich die momentane Problematik der App Markte, denn der Gro?teil der Befragten zeigt sich frustriert mit den Moglichkeiten der App Distribution. Wir bemerken auch dass immer mehr Investoren von App Marketing-Beraterfirmen die App Vermarktung ubernehmen und mit uns als Agentur zusammenarbeiten.
Die kleineren Entwickler haben dem Bericht zufolge Bedenken zu viel Geld zu verlieren, dies auch aufgrund der eigenen Unerfahrenheit.
Dies ist oft ein Medienbruch und der Weg von der Webseite zum Download verlangert sich unnotig und es werden viele User und Installs verloren.
Der Fakt dass ein Gro?teil der Befragten Entwickler allerdings unzufrieden mit dem gebotenen Service und dem ROI sind, deutet auf einen Bruch zwischen Entwickler- und Anbieterwahrnehmung hin.
The app makes Google Reader finally worth using on mobile, and browsing is easy thanks to the intuitive controls. The touchpad on it controls the mouse, there are programmable macros for certain actions, and it's a snap to set up.
Better still, you can stream TV shows and movies whenever you want, and the really clever part is that you can resume watching where you left off on your TV or PC. You can apply cool filters and effects to the video you shoot and then save it or upload it straight to YouTube.
Quick links to other useful Google applications also make this a worthwhile download for non-Android folk.
Many users will need a timer of some kind while sporting, so you will find a lot of stopwatch & timer apps in Sports. As a rule of thumb the first 4 lines will consist of approximatically 4 x 40 = 160 characters. Some other factors that will improve your app’s perormance in the marketplace are handling feedback to improve the ratings and marketing your app through networks like AdDuplex and monitor app usage with a tool like Preemptive Runtime Intelligencea. 600-800 neue Apps) einher – das Angebot steigt daher fast genauso stark wie die Nachfrage. Bei kleineren Entwickler ist der Frust hoher da dort dann noch die Mehrfachbelastung als Entwickler, Marketing Manager und Geschaftsfuhrer eine Rolle spielt. Um dieses Vertrauen zu erlangen mu?en App Marketing Agenturen und Netzwerke positive ROIs erwirtschaften und transparent alle Vermarktungs-Ma?nahmen darlegen, zusammen mit einem grundlicher Plannung, Reporting und Analyse. Besides catching up on your daily dose of news, you can share items to Twitter and Facebook.
If you can't afford the price tag, or don't need all that functionality, then Apple's free Remote app also works quite well for controlling an Apple TV or iTunes.
For non-Netflixers, the Hulu Plus iPhone app is also worth a look for paid-up subscribers of that service.
The whole process of getting your app published is quite straightforward, but in this post I will cover some of the things I came across that you might want to consider.
On the other hand if you made this outstanding app with awesome visuals, you might want to emphasize this in the logo. On the other hand a stopwatch can also be considered a tool and might get more attention in the Tools category. This is especially true on the phone, since only the first 4 lines of description will be shown on the initial screen. Labeling folders with verbs such as "watch," "play" and "learn" can help you jump to the app you're looking for infinitely faster.

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