Earlier today Apple kicked off its Black Friday teaser in Australia, and now that same teaser is live online for Canada and the USA.
With so many product refreshes this year, this looks to be the Black Friday sale you’ve been waiting for. It would be great to see some of the latest refreshed products go on sale but I don’t think that is going to happen. Canadians looking to snag an iPhone 6s, here's how to do it for Rogers, TELUS, Bell, and some tips for going with the little guys. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are coming soon to Canada, and there are a lot of different ways to buy one.
Let's go through what's available, as how much you pay will largely be dictated by where you buy.
You'll need to pay service charges on top of the device cost that we list below, though we'll note when and how one affects the other. If you live in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or Quebec, your rate plans will be significantly lower, as each has a dedicated regional carrier (MTS, Sasktel, and Videotron, respectively), that the other big three (Rogers, Bell and TELUS), have to compete with. You can find the best iPhone 6s deals across all carriers at the end of this guide, while the best deals per carrier will be at the end of each of their sections. Rogers has the fastest network in Canada, so there's a good reason to go with them for your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. Rogers will try to guide you towards their Share Everything plan, which is fine and dandy if you have other devices (like an iPad) to share to. If you want the hottest new iPhone now, now, now, and want to pay as little immediately as possible, the 16 GB iPhone 6s on a two-year Share Everything plan will cost $398.99 up-front.
Rogers subsidiary Fido offers plans similar to its big brother, which are a bit cheaper if you buy your iPhone outright.
If you have a solid legacy plan with Rogers and want to keep it grandfathered until the end of time, you're better off buying direct from an Apple Store since it won't be SIM locked like one sold from Rogers.
TELUS still has a relatively traditional two-year plan structure, where you pick out a voice and data portion of a two-year plan, and have the original cost of the iPhone subsidized. If you aren't already a TELUS subscriber, be sure to check their coverage map before taking the plunge. Wait for Koodo to start offering the iPhone 6s if you need to save money in the short-term.
Though Bell and TELUS have a lot of overlap in their network, you'll find a few differences in service and price.
As we mentioned earlier, Bell and TELUS share a network, so if you're within their coverage zone, be sure to compare plans on the two providers. This is a tough call, since the big carriers match pricing so closely in terms of device, tab systems, and rate plans. Coverage: Check a provider coverage map and gather up anecdotal evidence from your area to see if Rogers, Bell, or TELUS can keep a stead signal the best.
Yep, this is the year to finally make that Derrick Jensen film I've been talking so much shit about.
This past December I returned to Vieques to interview some fighters of the battle against the US Navy.

For some reason liberals want a piece of my brain and have invited me to their radio and TV shows. Last but not least, I'd like to give a warm welcome to subMedia's fantabulous intern Rosalee. A historic mobilization in Vancouver against the 2010 Winter Olympics has pushed back hard against the International Olympic Committee and the six billion dollar sporting event. Golfshot: Golf GPS has received an update today which notes the GPS system has received a major overhaul to improve performance and accuracy. A few days ago, The New York Times published a heartwarming story of an autistic boy who became best friends with Apple’s Siri. Apple has developed Siri with almost a life-like personality and most of us don’t even realize the full potential of the company’s personal voice assistant. To Apple Siri is not only a cool feature, it is also a feature that they can use to make their iOS devices accessible to even more people. Read Gus’ entire story from the link above and you’ll be able to see how something as simple as Siri can be life-changing.
Shop online or visit your favourite Apple Retail Store during our extended hours.We’ll help you make the most of the day, no matter how you shop. We’re getting some for our wedding party )getting hitched in 2013) and any savings would help! You can saunter into your carrier's brick and mortar or online store, or check out Best Buy or Amazon.
If you're super gung-ho and planning on getting a 6s or 6s Plus on launch day, the Apple Store is where you'll see the most excitement.
The name comes from your ability to share your monthly data allotment with multiple iPhones or iPads (either your own or those of family).
If you're willing to sign up for a two-year plan, you get Spotify Premium and some exclusive Vice News content.
You'll need to pay back that initial discount if you finish your term early, though it reduces every month by an equal amount. They share an extensive network with Bell, but may not service your area as well as Rogers. Bell's $70 entry level plan is beat by Virgin's at $47 for 500 minutes and 500 MB, though you're only getting a $200 discount on the iPhone 6s, rather than $500. Meanwhile TELUS offers their upgrade program which, though an additional cost, also includes AppleCare+. But the films were not transcribed and I didn't have the infrastructure to make this happen easily.
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For the companion Apple Watch app, a new user interface now adds front, centre and back pin placement yardages on the app’s main screen. While it’s helpful as an overview I found it to be more of a distraction, and now rely more on my rangefinder for more accurate yardages.

Apple’s Siri has become more like a friend to him, who listens to him and answers his questions.
For most people, the capabilities of Siri are taken for granted, and it isn’t until we hear about a story like this that we realize what this technology can really do.
When the company debuted Siri, the promo video showed a blind woman using it to send and receive text messages. With the introduction of iOS 8, Siri’s speech-to-text capabilities have been improved, with faster speech-to-text translation and faster response times, to more closely emulate a natural conversation. Apple can sell you an unlocked phone outright to use with whichever carrier you have a plan with, be it Rogers, TELUS, Bell, any other Canadian provider.
You're cutting up the full price of the iPhone minus whatever you pay up-front and spreading it over 24 months.
TELUS Your Choice plans start at $70 for 500 MB and 300 minutes, and go up to $145 for 10 GB and unlimited nationwide calling.
The convenience may be lost on you if you don't have other devices to hook into a common data bucket. So we've added institutional pricing to the fuckin website to court such subversion and liberate funds for our projects. Golfshot will automatically turn your screen off if you put your phone in your pocket or bag. Note that this is probably the way you want to go if you're with WIND Mobile, since they haven't announced availability or a tab for the iPhone 6s yet, though they do support iPhones in general. You also don't get to keep your old iPhone to resell it, you're obliged to renew with TELUS, and get a new iPhone. Conspicuously similar to the other two, Bell plans start at $70 for 500 MB of data and 300 local minutes, and capping out at $160 for 15 GB and unlimited nationwide calling. There are some extra perks depending on the plan, like NHL Gamecenter Live access and two years of Spotify Premium. If you need to cut out on your agreement early to get a plan to upgrade to the next model, you pay whatever is left on the tab. If you want something in between, TELUS subsidiary Koodo lets you buy on a tab system, which spreads your device repayment over the course of your service period.
As an added bonus, you get access to Bell's Wi-Fi network at McDonald's, Tim Hortons, Indigo, and Chapters, plus their solid Mobile TV. Anyone running with regional carriers like Videotron and MTS may also want to compare prices here with their local provider, if only to have an unlocked device ready for visiting the rest of the country. If you don't intend on sharing, there are cheaper non-sharing plans available too, though they cap out at 2 GB and have limited talk time.

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