This option in your admin left sidebar will help you to change your Apple ID identification or identity Name incase you want to change or alter your name for any reason.
Altering or changing or jiggling Email Addressees will help you to mange your Apple ID better incase you forgot your Apple ID verified E Mail ID. If you want change your password for any security reasons this option at left sidebar will help to same effect. Security Question is main key to better security while retrieving your old password with forgot password functionality.

Change your preferred numbers so that in case you have put support request for Apple Support & Online Help they will contact you on this numbers. Choosing right language for working of your ID is available in this options I normally put ‘English US’ for normal UI options & controls. So using modern technologies like iCloud is main key to handling data between all of this devices. I would suggest using minimum 35 character passwords with numbers, commas, symbols, braces, brackets, question marks etc.

Note down this question & your answer on piece of paper for safe keeping so that you can use it in need of time.
A small tweak for optimum performance & avoiding bloated WordPress installation with useless data.

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