Opinion: Do services really have the kind of revenue potential Apple would like us to believe?
Apple today will be rolling out a couple of significant changes to its AppleCare support offerings.
Previously, customers were required to buy the plan within 30 days of purchase of an iPhone or iPad, but today’s change brings that purchase window to 60 days. Apple’s website has now been updated to reflect the changes, and AppleCare phone support and Apple Store support employees will be made aware of the changes today. In addition to AppleCare+ changes, Bunch earlier detailed upcoming screen share support for iOS devices and improvements to Apple ID management. Technically, the AppleCare+ protection plan does not provide support or an additional 2 years, (that would make it a total of 3 years, which is not the case).
While I believe that one has the right to and should express one’s disapproval of an article, it is important to make sure that you do a little research on that topic before you post.
What if someone buys a used Apple device from someone else that has less than a 1 year but more than 60 days ? You can’t get any extended warranty support on it anymore, not even the AppleCare one.
Item will be shipped within one business days of receiving payment using the shipping method selected. Items are evaluated when we receive them, prior to putting them up for sale, and once again prior to sending the item out. As these items are used, we offer a 30 day warranty in which we will cover any malfunction that occurs with the phone.

We ship within 1 business day of receiving payment and you will receive the item within 2-3 business days after that. As we detailed in a report last month regarding Apple’s future plans for AppleCare, Apple will making a significant push for its premium AppleCare+ service. This gives customers more time to decide if they will need enhanced support for their mobile Apple devices.
This change will be going into effect today in the United States, Canada, and Japan, and the shift will likely take place in other regions in the future. Because of this large piece of incorrect information, the majority of the analysis in the article about how the change will increase Apple’s revenue is totally false. This option is often given to customers at the Apple store when they are ineligible for the AppleCare+ protection plan based on their purchase date. If you don’t have Applecare on your device and you bought it longer than 60 days you are out of luck. It has many excellent features and offers streamlined, intuitive features that are better that your typical One. We are thorough with this evaluation and try to be as accurate as possible-- however we are but human, and mistakes can be made. You will have the phone sent back and we will either have it repaired, replaced, or issue you a refund for the entire amount. We ship Monday through Friday so items purchased Friday afternoon and later will be shipped out on Monday.
This move is significant as Apple is solely offering either the standard 90 days of support that comes free with iPhones and iPads or its most premium support service.

Bunch also hinted that Apple is developing further improvements for AppleCare+ such as improved iPhone insurance plans to battle carrier offerings as well as an expansion internationally. Apple also recently revamped its online support forums in a push to allow customers to have an easier time self trouble-shooting online rather than over the phone with an AppleCare representative.
The article should be about how Apple is simply giving customers more time to purchase the AppleCare+ protection plan. The plan can be purchased both via Apple’s Online Store or inside of official Apple retail stores. This push will boost AppleCare+ sales numbers, revenues, and likely the amount of pay-per-incident fees Apple collects as some users may not want to pay nearly $100 for AppleCare+.
Bunch said Apple is also researching a Mac variant for the program, but such a service seems far off due to legal and financial complications.
The Cupertino company has also recently flipped the switch on enhancements to its online chat support service. As a robust device, it delivers the best features to capture your attention for all types of use.
All our products go through our signature 20 step inspection process and various checks through every step to ensure that they are accurately described helping guarantee a seamless transaction, every time. Please note that the warranty does not cover damages caused through misuse such as dropping the item, exposure to water, or buyers remorse.

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