REMINDER all mobile phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sale calls. However the assertion that your phone numbers are about to be released any moment to telemarketers has actually been floating across the Internet as far back as 2004, and they were not accurate even back then. Specific versions of this rumour have mentioned both Australia and the US, and whilst the emails (or at least most variants of the rumour) have indeed given the correct information for the respective Do Not Call registry, it is simply untrue that failing to register with them will result in copious unsolicited calls from telemarketers. Most countries have strict rules regarding telemarketing calls, such as the use of auto-dialers are already illegal in most countries.
In fact the FTC released information on its website dispelling the messages and providing useful and factual advice about telemarketing companies, the DNC and your cellphone, which you can read here. So, no, your phone number is not about to be released? to anyone and you are not about to imminently receive lots of marketing calls if you fail to register with the DNC registry. Finally, despite the claim made in many versions of this hoax, you cannot be charged for receiving a telemarketing call without your explicit permission.
All cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies this month and you will start to receive sales calls.
A directory of cell phone numbers will soon be published for all consumers to have access to. Cell phone numbers have generally been excluded from printed telephone books and directory assistance services. Someone made the wild leap of reasoning that the proposed creation of a cell phone directory was the equivalent of "giving cell phone numbers to telemarketers" and began the chain of wildly inaccurate e-mails warning cell phone users to register with the National Do Not Call List in order to prevent this fate.

The Wireless 411 service was to be strictly "opt-in" — that is, cell phone customers would be included in the directory only if they specifically requested to be added. The Wireless 411 information was not to be included in printed phone directories, distributed in other printed form, made available via the Internet, or sold to telemarketers. There is a grain of truth in the message making it believable, but it's wrong on two counts: Not all cell phone numbers will be listed in the national directory planned for 2006. Cellular users can choose to register their cell numbers with the national Do Not Call registry as an additional measure of protection, although FCC regulations already in place outlaw most types of telemarketing calls to cell phones. There is not (and never has been) a deadline to list one's phone number with the national Do Not Call Registry — it can be done at any time.
Unfortunately, customers have little recourse against telemarketers who willfully ignore the Do Not Call Registry and violate other restrictions against placing calls to cell phones.
Our site covers many of the items currently being plopped into inboxes everywhere, so if you were writing to ask us about something you just received, our search engine can probably help you find the very article you want. Choose a few key words from the item you're looking for and click here to go to the search engine. We do reserve the right to use non-confidential material sent to us via this form on our site, but only after it has been stripped of any information that might identify the sender or any other individuals not party to this communication. It is also claimed you will be charged for these calls unless you call the DNC (Do Not Call Registry) and block your number. It is true that registering with the respective DNC list in your country may provide some protection from cold-calling (it is still unlikely to protect from scam calls who do not use such registry lists) sharing the information in the rumour is certainly not advised.

These third parties - specifically Google AdSense, employ cookies to create a more targeted and personal experience. 31 days from today, cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls. This will open the doors for solicitors to call you on your cell phones, using up the precious minutes that we pay lots of money for. So this means as of Jan 1, your cell phone may start ringing off the hook with telemarketers, but unlike your home phone, most plans pay for your incoming calls.
All cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start receive sales calls.
Alternatively for more information on a particular author you can click the authors name at the bottom of each article. When the directory is ready, it will be available only as part of the existing 411 directory service, accessed by calling in and asking for a specific number.
According to the National Do Not Call List, you have until Dec 15, 2004 to get on the national "Do Not Call List" for cell phones.
To be included on the "do not call" list, you must call from the number you wish to register.

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