White pages: superpages people search reverse phone, Claim your free business listing on superpages. Altogether, T-Mobile has over 150 million subscribers in the world, which eventually makes it the tenth largest mobile phone service provider in the world. T-Mobile is now present in European countries such as Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland, Montenegro and the United Kingdom, other than in the United States. If you are using T-Mobile phone, you can contact them using the following number free of charge. If you want to contact them about a technical issue with your T-Mobile service, they advice you to call from a different phone, since it might help them to troubleshoot the problem easily. T-Mobile has a separate and specialized service for the hearing and speech impaired personnel.
You can also have a live chat with their customer care executives using the following web address. Darlene Mae Clark, an AT&T Senior Attorney, had previously worked at the California Public Utilities Commission.
In my Application for a Rehearing, I pointed out how Darlene Clark committed perjury when she denied that there were ongoing listing problems when she Answered the Complaint. During the Formal Complaint, my Business listing became unlisted for no apparent reason -- AT&T did not deny that there were ongoing problems.
An Attorney I hired, told me not to ask for any more money than I could prove was lost, and to double the amount for the loss of future business. The legal department created an illegal mechanism to insure that I had no paper trail of recurring listing problems.
During the Formal Complaint, which began in July 2001 and ended in November 2003, AT&T published or sold my home address for 340 days, and continued to threaten to terminate my services for asking that my home address be removed from Directory listings. In another act of perjury, Darlene Clark blamed me for AT&T's chronic billing problems (40 billing problems in 48 months prior to filing the Formal Complaint, more billing problems during the Formal Complaint, and still more billing problems after the Formal Complaint).

39 days later, another billing problem occurred for services I didn't have, and it continued for another year, although AT&T corrected it three different times. Another illegal act by AT&T was to illegally restrict my phone service after I complained about listing problems. So we usually don't play favorites, but when it comes to "Sam & Cat" star Ariana Grande and Janoskian Jai Brooks, we're willing to make an exception seeing as though they're pretty much the cutest teen celeb couple we've seen.
LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 23: Actress Ariana Grande speaks onstage during Nickelodeon's 26th Annual Kids' Choice Awards at USC Galen Center on March 23, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.
Clark committed many acts of perjury during the Formal Complaint, and can be linked to violating public utility laws to conceal ongoing problems with listings, as well as making sure that "AT&T Resale" published my home address, against my specific demands to keep my home address private. After going over a graph of my business growth prior to the phone problems (1989-1995), and extrapolating as to what the numbers would be if the growth rate had continued, I calculated my business losses at $1.5 million, and I doubled the amount for loss of future business, for a total of $3 million. All of my published listings (residential and business) are suppose to list the PO Box for an address. According to an AT&T resale operator at the toll-free customer service number, a note on my account referred all my requests (to fix listing problems or billing problems) to the legal department.
The Commission was well aware of this problem as I showed the proof in my Application for a Rehearing-- the Commission ignored the fact that AT&T was still violating my rights to privacy, and then criticized me for delivering business correspondence to Darlene Clark's home address. Prior to filing the Formal Complaint, AT&T did this on about 10 occassions, and operators acknowledged that restrictions had been placed on my lines, but that no reason was given. In this case, the restriction prevented me from forwarding my business phone line to my brother's house, as he often worked from his home. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Superpages Maps interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. T-Mobile also has financial investments made on mobile operators in Eastern and Central Europe. T-Mobile UK has joined with France Telecom’s mobile service provider, Orange UK and together they are United Kingdom’s largest mobile operator which is called as “Everything Everywhere”.

AT&T also admitted it refused to put corrections to my listings in writing (as required by law), and then committed another act of perjury, by claiming I provided incorrect information.
AT&T has published and sold my home address for 12 consecutive years, against my explicit demands to keep my home address private. The legal department then covered up the problems by refusing to comply with legally required protocol of putting corrections to my listings in writing. After complaining to the CPUC about this problem (which was occurring during the Formal Complaint), AT&T stated the billing problem was resolved, and that I owed no money. AT&T claimed my brother's phone was out of service, and it had nothing to do with my business phone line not be able to forward calls, however, I was able to call my brother's home phone from my residential phone, and billing records from my home phone proved this. To deny accountability, the legal department demanded that I call only the toll-free customer service number or that my service would be terminated. Without ever looking at my business statements, or asking for the information I had that corrroborated that Pacific Bell sabotaged AT&T Resale Service, Darlene Clark told me that $3 million was rediculous. I do have a recording of a Pacific Bell supervisor at my premises refusing to test my phone lines because I was a resale customer, as well as an AT&T witness, however, unless it can be proven that my phone lines were defective when Pacific Belll refused to test the lines, it does not prove negligence or fraud, or violations to antitrust laws. During the Formal Complaint, I found out that Alexis Laguillo was Darlene Clark's secretary -- corroborating the Darlene Clark was fully aware of the listing problems when she Answered the Complaint, and that AT&T was purposefully refusing to remove my home address from Directory listings for their own amusement. Passport Classic Z30 Z10 Q10 Leap OS 10.3.2 Welcome to the CrackBerry Forums Create Your Account or Ask a Question Answers in 5 minutes - no registration required!

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