The AT&T Samsung Flight II cell phone has a slider QWERTY keyboard and 3-inch touch screen, it comes to both messaging and entertainment, It has the QWERTY keyboard, intuitive touchscreen access and a plethora of applications. The Blackberry bold 9700 is the replacement of blackberry bold 9000, but it is pretty much an improved and better looking the Bold 9000. Highlights:This unlocked cell phone is compatible with GSM and not work with CDMA carriers. Its minimalist pink design is empowered by the sleek yet subtle red glow of its hidden touch pad. Along with its uncompromising, must be seen with, form factor comes a stunning list of features. Small and light weight, it’s a basic flip phone with all the necessary technology and functions you need everyday.

Ranging from the high quality MP3 playback to a multi-megapixel camera and high resolution LCD screen, the LG 'Chocolate' phone gives you the chance to redefine the parameters of style.
Nice VGA color screen, Bluetooth Wireless Technology, digital camera, instant messengers built-in, and speaker phone – these were once in a smartphone now become essential for a everyday phone. No word on how much the rebate is but compared to T-mobile’s pricing anything over $200 upfront is not worth the hassle of filing out rebates and hoping to get them in the mail. Weighted just 2.9 ounces, this small phone lets you talk up to 190 Minutes without needing to charge.
The phone will Re Boot for no reason at least 2 times a day and email icons always disappear after rebooting. Open and new AT&T account and add it to an existing family plan, you going to pay $0 and 2 day shipping is included.

RIM the maker of BB are aware and are attempting to put a software patch on there web site but nothing yet. I feel everyone should have this info and should be a press release but nothing as of today.

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