Even though you might have paid very little for a brand new smartphone like the Galaxy S5, your cell phone bill can still really add up over time.
What follows are a number of effective changes that you can make each month in reducing the amount you pay for cell phone service. Plus, ensuring that your phone connects automatically with the Wi-Fi system instead of using the mobile data can save you money as well. These are just a few ways that you can save a considerable amount of money with your cell phone.
Money Saving Tip: An incredibly effective way to save more is to reduce your mobile phone cost. Despite some recent company efforts to help pay for customers' phone bills through promotions and subscription programs, the telecommunication industry largely relies on customers using more phone data each year a€” through new applications and innovations a€” to keep its sales growing, according to The Wall Street Journal.
Based on data from the Labor Department charted for us by BI Intelligence, US households are spending 50% more on their phone bills than they did in 2007, the year the iPhone launched and Google introduced the Android operating system for mobile devices. Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions News provided by The Associated Press. 7 Cheap Cell Phone Plans We’re Looking At – Frugal Rules Cheap cell phone plans are one of the best ways to save money in a budget. Finding ways to cut expenses means money in your pocket instead of going to the cell phone company.
For most people, the savings may seem relatively small at first, but over time they can really add up.
Find the Data Plan that Best Suits Your Needs: Too many people choose “Unlimited” or “Premium” plans when they don’t actually use nearly the amount of data that is required. Use Data to Save Money: For example, if you download Skype to your mobile device, you can save money using it instead of your cell network. Go Pre-Paid: If you talk a lot on the phone, then having a no-contract unlimited plan may be the best way to save money over time.
Bundle Your Text Messages: Considering that carriers can charge about 20 cents per text message, it may pay to have them bundled if the savings are right. Click here for free cell phones and see if you can save more money every month from now on.

And this is no more apparent than when you see how cell phone bills have risen since the dawn of the smartphone. Households spent an average of $913 on phone bills in 2013 a€” and a fifth of those households spent more than $1,400 that year.
There are many different alternatives out there besides the big four that have made huge strides in their offerings over the past few years.Your biggest savings may be in the form of shifting to a "pay as you go" contract. It can be a little time consuming to check out all the providers, plans and phones out there.The easiest step you can take to lower your cellphone bill right now is to call up your service provider and ask if there's anything they can do for you price-wise.Are you serious about switching providers if you can't get a lower rate? You can also do a bit of research on your own.Do you know how much data you're using each month?
You need to crunch them to make sure everything works out in your favor.Are you taking the early termination fees (ETF) into account? Considering that roughly 87% of all Americans have a mobile phone and pay on average about $71 per month, the key to saving money is finding the right plan that fits your needs and adjusting your behavior when using your cell phone. Skype is particularly effective with international rates as compared to most cell phone plans.
Heavy texting teenagers might be better served with an unlimited plan, but if you only text every so often then you might want to go with a smaller fee structure that allows you to save more money. Start by reviewing how many minutes and how much data you use each month to see if those "buffet" plans are even worth it.
For those who like to text, they can get a phone that includes a QWERTY keyboard that doesn’t have an operating system, so that is basically a free service which can reduce your costs as well. This also applies to people who don’t use their cell phones much as a pre-paid plan can save them money over time.
The $150 ETF is worth paying in that case.Saving money on your cellphone bill is extremely simple. Plus, you can always unlock your device and switch to another plan if it suits your budget better. However, many of these pre-paid plans use a monthly fee, so look for ways to extend the time.
Providers like Republic Wireless have phones that will default to using Wi-Fi if a signal exists, like in your own home, which won't cost you any minutes or data.

Make sure you're on the lowest data plan offered.Or maybe you use a lot of data, but you didn't know until now. You just need to know the other options available to you, and you have to be willing to shop around and negotiate.
The cheapest thing to do is to purchase a prepaid SIM card and cell phone package from a local wireless provider in the Cheap cell phone plans are one of the best ways to save money in a budget. Also consider that there might be some disadvantages as well, so do your research first before making the switch. As long as you have data service (cellular or WiFi) you can send text to any smartphone that has Whatsapp installed. The technology will even shift from cell service to Wi-Fi when you enter an area where you have Wi-Fi service, with no disruption.There are many other choices out there if you find yourself dissatisfied with how much you're paying your current provider. Focus on how much you could be saving if you cut your bill in half, and try one of these methods today. While you can have quality service through Verizon the monthly bill can make nearly anyone Are you starting to despise your Verizon Wireless cellphone bill?
If most of your family and friends are using iOS device you can simply use iMessage to do text.
Just as you shop around with your insurance providers, you can (and should) shop around for your cellphone provider.Remember, you may have to pay an upfront deposit with some carriers if you don't have a good credit score. If you can get by with your email being fetched every 30 to 60 minutes instead of every minute, you'll save on data usage. It may be worth calling back to negotiate with someone else, but don't spend too much of your time on this step. According to CBS News, the average Verizon phone bill surged to I am a Virgin Mobile customer with an Android phone.

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