Straight talk sim card + iphone 4 5 = $45 unlimited, For $45 a month you get unlimited minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited* data with no contracts and no credit checks. Prepaid operator profile: straight talk prepaid phone news, This prepaid phone news' series comprehensive prepaid mobile operator profiles. Questions iphone 6 & straight talk, As release date revealed iphone 6, wondering knew estimate iphone 6 straight talk.
While it has some minor annoyances, if you want a basic prepaid flip phone with a 2MP camera this looks like a good option. Though some look askance at those who still like to use flip phones, there's still a place for them.

The LG 440g is useful for those who might be interested in hearing their text messages via the text-to-speech functionality.
Perhaps you're willing to consider a QWERTY phone to keep up with the barrage of texts you're suddenly getting? I would have preferred a more typical placement of the lens behind the main screen so as to be out of the way when flipped open.
Of course, a lot depends on the signal strength so you want to confirm that you have good coverage in your area.
The keypad has nice separate buttons and there's even a dedicated button for turning on the speaker.

This one has also has a megapixel camera but, unlike the Kona, also has Bluetooth file transfer.

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